15 Embarrassing Moments In Sports

  |  Jul 10, 2010
compiled by Bea Locsin * photo courtesy of The Disney Channel (High School Musical 2)
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  1. Fore!!!
    I was playing a normal round of golf one Sunday with my dad. I never had any trouble on the course before. On this day though, tragedy struck. I overshot my drive from the tee of a Par 4 hole. I thought the flight in front of us was too far for me to reach, but apparently not! My golf ball hit the head of the caddy standing in the middle of the fairway! He was knocked out for a bit and got a bump on his head, but I think he got better after that. —Bea, 19
  2. Sports Shorts
    I used to wear really short shorts with knee-high socks when I played basketball! I thought I looked cool because it was uso, but now that I look back on it, it was not exactly one of my best nor stylish moments! I’d consider this more of a fashion blunder than anything else. —Khalil, 21
  3. Sliders
    I just stole the ball from my opponent and got so pumped up for a fast break. But I didn’t realize the floor was wet, so just when I was about to make the shot, I slipped and the guy who was guarding me fell right on top of me! —Kris, 21
  4. Run, Forest, Run!
    At a kickoff during flag football, the ball started flying towards me. I prepared myself to catch the ball and eventually did. When I looked up, everyone was running towards me! I freaked out and threw the ball to no particular person, in no specific direction and ran the other way because I didn’t want to get caught in the stampede! How manly of me. —Marvin, 20
  5. Hairy Scare
    We had a cheerleading competition coming up and I wanted to have nice, very clean, commercial-like armpits for that big day. So I didn’t shave a whole week before. One day at practice though, I wore a sleeveless shirt. I completely forgot that that was a big no-no. I only realized it when my friends started to giggle and finally told me about my hairy armpits! I couldn’t practice the rest of the day because most if not all steps involved stretching out your arms in all degrees and directions! —Anna, 17

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