15 Embarrassing Moments in Co-ed Schools

  |  Jun 7, 2010
compiled by Tanya Aritao, Lia Asinas, Amanda Lim, Jill Qua, and Vero Zamesa * illustration by Ben Deluyas
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  • All Girls' Anarchy Catch of the Day
    During one of my cheerleading practices, our captain taught us a new dance move where we needed a male lifter. Since we were not allowed by the school to bring in a lifter from another school, they appointed me as a temporary lifter! I had to lift and catch one of my fellow cheerleaders, and I was really nervous. I was so scared of dropping her that I caught her too late and she landed on the floor, her butt hitting the ground hard! I was so embarrassed, and to this day she glares at me during cheerleading practice! Janna, 17

  • Red Letter Day
    One of the big events at all-girls' schools is the class soirée. We had our first soirée during our freshman year. I was very excited, so I really dressed up. I got my period the night before, but I was confident that my heavy-duty napkin would hold up. When we got to the host's house, we were brought to the living room. I sat down on the couch with my other friends and started to mingle with the guys. After a while, we all decided to eat. As I stood up, I noticed a big red stain on the couch. I freaked out! My friends and I flipped the cushion over while the guys were outside. A few days later, one of the guys told me that someone from the soirée made a mess on his friend's couch. Thank God none of them ever found out I was the culprit! Lin Lin, 16

  • Right Smacked
    I had a schoolgirl crush on one of my male teachers. I'd always try to get his attention and put in extra effort in his class. One day, at lunch, my friend and I were walking towards the faculty room, when I saw my crush walking in my direction. I quickly turned to my friend and asked if I looked good enough. Unfortunately, when I turned around, his elbow met my forehead, causing me to fall hard on the floor. He noticed me alright, but with a bump on my head and an aching butt to go with it! Janine, 14

  • K-I-S-S-I-N-G!
    Because there are no guys in our class, it's very hard for us to cast parts during class presentations. Not a lot of girls want to play male characters. Unfortunately, I had no choice but to play Romeo in our rendition of Romeo and Juliet. We had to kiss in one scene, and we planned to stage a fake kiss on the lips, without our lips actually touching. On the day of our presentation, I was so nervous that I actually kissed my co-star! She was so surprised, and so was I! Anna, 16

  • Peek-A-Boo!
    Since I study at an all-girls' school, we don't really have problems when we want to change in and out of our uniforms. We're somewhat careless about it. Boy, were we wrong! Before a major presentation, my whole class stayed in our classroom to change into our costumes, and for "coverage", we just stuck manila paper on our classroom windows. We were all so preoccupied with changing that we forgot to lock the door! Our old janitor stepped inside our classroom, and we all screamed. It was pandemonium. Our poor janitor was overwhelmed and didn't know what to do, so he just stood outside the door and started apologizing profusely. We learned our lesson: all-girls' school or not, always lock the door! Ericka, 16

  • Co-ed Chaos Up, up, and away!
    I was taking a walk along the corridor when I felt like going to the balcony.  While I was standing there, a strong wind blew and made my skirt fly up, above my head! At that moment, a bunch of guys were passing by, and when they saw what happened to me, they burst out laughing! Dhennie, 18

  • Boys do cry!
    Back in grade school, when I got my first ever failing mark, I cried my heart out in front of all the boys and girls in class! And to think that I'm a guy! Vince, 18

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