15 DIY Projects That Can Help Spruce Up Your Room

"A new year, a new you," right?
by Melanie Santiago   |  Jan 25, 2015
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Time to switch it up to a new year, a new room! You don't have to do major redecorating, just follow these creative DIYs to spruce up your décor.

  1. Rose Wall Clock
    Hot glue gun fabric rosettes to an old or inexpensive wall clock to create a chic timepiece.

  2. Ombre Clothespin Weekly Organizer
    Upcycle old wooden laundry pegs to create a hanging weekly organizer, this pin will show you how to achieve an ombre paint effect in this cute and functional room décor.

  3. Travel Board
    With a large frame, gather photos, tickets or souvenir pieces from your recent travels and compose them together in one sheet, this will serve as a fun and inspirational reminder.

  4. Paper Dahlia Wreath
    This spring themed project is perfect for hanging on your room door. First begin with a color theme in mind, the pin will show you how to create the Dahlia form using paper and hot glue.

  5. Book Safe Charging Station
    Prettify your charging station by storing gadgets in a beautiful book, click the pin to see how you can recreate a book safe which you can also use this to hide valuables and accessories.

  6. Painted Feathers
    Add a boho theme to your room by gathering fake feathers (the bigger the better) and painting them in. Hang them in your room or clip them on hats or bags.

  7. Fake Eyelash Wall Art
    Show your inner makeup junkie by gluing a range of your fave eyelashes (or buy cheaper ones in store!) on a piece of cardboard. Write what emotion each pair shows off to make it more personal.

  8. Tissue Paper Flowers
    If you haven’t the time to take care of real plants or find it a waste to see flowers wither away, this project is perfect for you. Through this pin, you’ll learn to create a variety of beautiful flowers using colored tissue paper and some exciting scissor and folding skills!

  9. Decorative Gold Mason Jars
    Store those beautiful tissue flower crafts in this golden mason jar DIY. Get tips on how to effectively get an even coat on your jar through this pin.

  10. Paper Bow Garland
    Create a feminine garland using colorful paper and a bow template. Create a group of paper bows and hot glue them on a piece of string to hang above a couch or bed.

  11. Colorful Painted Wood Blocks
    This project was intended for a nursery room but is totally doable for your own. Begin by getting blocks of wood from a local hardware or craft store, paint over with neon or pastel colors then mod podge your fave photo (black & white tend to work best because of the contrast). 

  12. Glitter Jewelry Tray
    To complete the gold theme to your room, why not add these glittered jewelry trays which you can recreate by following this messy but fun DIY.

  13. Glitter Chevron Wall Art
    First, outline the chevron pattern on a white canvas, and then with the use of masking tape to cover alternate spaces; paint over using your fave hue and then switch to gluing on the glitter.

  14. Chanel No.5 Perfume Box Decor
    Add a unique piece to your dresser by recreating this glittered box that resembles the classic Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle. Click the pin to learn how!

  15. Floral Monogram
    Bring in a spring and summer vibe to your room, start by tracing out a letter on a foam board and with some faux flowers, glue them to the base. Let dry and hang on your door or wall.

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