15 DIY Ideas For Grad Gifts For Your Besties

Show your BFF how thankful you are for making the whole school year much much more bearable with these easy and inexpensive gifts that would warm her heart and bring a smile to her face!
by Melanie Santiago   |  Mar 9, 2014
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  1. Accordion Picture Card
    Make a little memory scrapbook of your school year. Compile all the silly and wonderful photos you and your gal pals ever had and write messages on each or on the last pane. Your bestie will be super grateful!

  2. Edible Heartfelt Card
    This is perfect for your bestie that has a sweet tooth! Gather treats with readable packaging and create a custom letter using the candies or chocolates as replacement for some words.

  3. Bon Voyage!
    Give the gift of travel, plan a trip to the beach, or to some place you and your best gal pals have always wanted to visit!

  4. Journal Banners
    Dig through your photos or use motivational quotes and post them on canvas cloth. Your bestie can hang these mini banners in her home or dorm, and remind her of your friendship or motivate her to do more.

  5. Yearbook Votive
    Create cute candle jars showing your bestie's and your friends' yearbook photos and messages. Photocopy your chosen page on regular paper then cut and mod podge them on a plain glass jar.

  6. Tiny Photo Magnets
    Gift these cute and memorable magnets your bestie can even use at work. Just cut and stick on your fave pics on some plain cardstock and onto a magnet strip.

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  7.  Glam Friendship Bracelets
    Friendship bracelets are like one of the traditional presents you can give to your bestie to remind her of your strong bond together. Amp up the look by incorporating trendy crystals, pearls, and other charms.

  8. Pretty Eye Mask
    Regain your body clock after those sleepless nights filled with studying with this pretty DIY you can jokingly give to your best pal. Finally, some rest right?

  9. Baby Rose Sugar Scrub
    Congratulate your bestie for all the hard work she's done with some inexpensive rose body scrub that's so easy to do you might just want to make some for yourself as well!

  10. Loud Pouch
    Celebrate with this beautiful and simple pouch that's smart but trendy—perfect for parties or job applications!

  11. Lovely Leather Card Holder
    If you’ve graduated college, this leather business card holder is a practical present that will keep your cards safe and pretty tucked in, should you ever need it.

  12. College Surivival Kit
    If you're off to college, you can create a tier of useful and practical items that you'll be needing, like Post-Its, a small sewing kit, notebooks, etc. You can also customize the package if your bestie is off to work.

  13. Graduation Cap Gift Card Holder
    Have more moments to bond by giving gift cards from your fave tea or coffee shop, present it in a cute graduation cap style envelope for that's easy to do.

  14. Insta Calendars
    Create new memories this 2014! Start planning by using your very own customized calendar; finally all those cool Instagram photos can be put to good use as art for the calendar.

  15. Grad Necklace
    Make your bestie feel like her prettiest and most glam self with your very own handmade necklace and this pin will show you 15 very cute styles to choose from!

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