15 DIY Gifts to Give Your Valentine

Say what you feel in the most meaningful way: a personalized gift.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Feb 13, 2016
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  1. DIY Exploding Love Box
    Don’t worry, it won’t literally blow up, but its design will surprise your partner with oodles of sweetness. Once opened the box’s 24 sides spill out which you can fill with messages of love or decorate with your pics together.
  2. Valentine’s Day Care Package
    Dress up an ordinary box in whatever Valentine’s theme you prefer, get creative and add photos cute photos of you on the flaps. Then fill it up with treats and things your date likes, movies, music and more.
  3. 365 Reasons I Love You Mason Jar
    You can totally steal this DIY and fill a simple mason jar with sweet messages, the twist? Color code them! Yellow for moments shared together, green for fave quotes and lyrics and pink for reasons why you love him. Now hecan have something to look forward to each morning for 2016.
  4. DIY Heart Photo Collage
    Gather all your photos together, pick funny, sweet and eventful ones to collage on white cardstock. Arrange it in a heart shape and frame. The memories will come flooding back and you can relive why you love each other!
  5. Alphabet of Love
    Express your love starting with every letter of the alphabet! Write it down on paper and DIY a mini binder which your guy can flip through.
  6. Valentine’s Card Ideas
    These cute and creative cards will beat any store bought card any day! Get inspired and DIY your own for Valentine’s.
  7. Sock Bouquet
    Socks might be one of those go-to gifts for guys but you can spruce it up and arrange them in a bouquet, make an effort to wrap it up so they know what it feels like to receive “flowers” too.
  8. Oreo Cheesecake Cookies
    With just 5 ingredients and some pink food coloring, you can whip us some tasty pink oreo cheesecake cookies that your guy will surely finish in a flash.
  9. DIY Heart Cake
    Bake your way to your guy’s heart with a traditional heart shaped cake that’s still thoughtful and sweet. This pin shows how you can make one without using a mold.
  10. DIY Valentine Bark Dessert
    Create chocolate bark by melting chocolate that you like and adding m&ms or other toppings you like, then simply freeze overnight, that simple and delicious!
  11. Strawberry Crinkles 
    Who doesn’t love a batch of crinkles? These strawberry flavored ones are the perfect treat for Valentine’s and only take 15 minutes to make.
  12. Chocolate Valentine’s Card
    Create a sweet message using chocolate brands, get inspo from this pin and see what chocolates you can use out there to make your own.
  13. Heart Pizza
    Among all the sweet treats you’ll give to your guy, this heart pizza idea tops it all! You know how guys feel about pizza, hence the perfect gift!
  14. Cupid Float
    Go back in time when dates were at diners and couples shared floats, this recipe is really easy to make and ingredients are can be substituted to your liking. Share this with your guy and have fun talking with each other.
  15. Fortune Cookie Valentines 
    With fruit toll-up candies, you can make fortune “cookies” with love messages inside to make your partner’s day a whole lot sweeter.

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