15 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas For The Budget Shopper

Got a limited budget for holiday shopping this year? No worries, why don't you make your gifts?
by Melanie Santiago   |  Dec 14, 2014
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Homemade gifts are much more heartfelt because of the effort and thought you've put into handcrafting them. Surprise friends and family with these useful and oh-so cute gifts for less!

  1. Hot Cocoa Kit
    Give the gift of warmth in a cup with this DIY cocoa kit. Gather clear tubes, mason jars or even pipe bags similar to this and simply add store bought chocolate drink mix, some crushed peppermint candy and tiny marshmallows.

  2. Holiday Sharpie Mugs
    Perfect to pair with the hot cocoa mix; add in this mug with a personalized holiday design. Get a simple white mug, sharpies and a template for design; don’t forget to add in a message at the bottom or on the side of the mug.

  3. Homemade Hot Chocolate Spoon Treats
    Give a twist to baked goods by making a spoonful of holiday chocolate. Simply melt your fave chocolate and dip your spoon in, add drizzles of caramel or sprinkles to add a festive touch.

  4. Peppermint Sugar Scrub
    With just a few simple kitchen ingredients, you can whip up a batch of this minty concoction to keep skin smooth and moisturized. Perfect for gifting a lot of girlfriends!

  5. Mason Jar Snow Globes
    Your relatives and younger sibs will appreciate this adorable DIY, bring out a couple more mason jars and some store bought Christmas toys or décor. Glue it to the bottom of the lid, add glitter/sequins and then fill it up with water. Tip: Frozen figures will work best for this DIY.

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  6. Holiday Doggie Donut Pet Toy
    Your pets also deserve a present this Christmas! Try this simple DIY that makes use of socks rolled into donuts. Choose colorful designs in bright hues for a fun playtime with your fur baby!

  7. Hand Sewn Scented Satchels
    Start off with squares of colorful fabric, shear the sides and sew shut except for one edge. For the filling, you can soak fabric in fragrance oils or your fave perfume.

  8. DIY Coasters
    Thinking of what to give to teachers or officemates? Personalized cork coasters are a treat. This project utilizes cheap cork coasters and simple paint pens; you can even use acrylic paint and draw on cute patterns like polka dots or tribal stripes.

  9. Sunnies Cases
    Give your besties a cool sunglass case they can tote around in preparation for brighter days ahead. This pin shows you how to sew a simple case that’s cute to boot!

  10. Lip Balm
    Another present favorite, this pin shows you how to create a moisturizing lippie using household ingredients and kool aid as tint.

  11. Diary Printables
    Create a pad of stickers for your friend’s planner or diary; just click the pin for cute happy design or this link for green garden theme. These adorable designs will surely have them squeal in glee.

  12. Treasure Flash Drive
    This Christmas, share your fave music, movies and cute pins using a flash disk. Why not get even more creative and sneak in a dedication video for your recipient!

  13. DIY Purse
    Click this pin for an easy tutorial on how to create a simple purse using bright and fun fabric. Make one for yourself too!

  14. Cute Penguin Pillows
    Fill up your little sis’ room with cute penguin pillows as a surprise gift, this project involves no sewing and makes use of a hot glue gun and colorful felt cloth.

  15. Candy Cane Chocolate Lollies
    Giving sweets this Christmas is also a custom for many, try creating these choco peppermint lollies that fits in with the holiday theme using a pack of candy canes and some melted chocolate.

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