15 Dating Dos and Don'ts

Basic manners can go a long way in making sure a date goes well.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Oct 29, 2016
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  1. Do not be late!

Making your date wait is a bad way to start off. Respect the time set and plan ahead especially since traffic is bad. Be sure to add some contingency. This article targets those who have the habit of being late; it's a good read and applicable outside the dating scene.

  1. Who should pay at the beginning of a date?

The traditional scenario puts the guy as the payee, but splitting the bill is also an option but can mean something different. Check out the pin to learn more. And while, the one who invited you to the date should pay, you should always be ready to shoulder the bill just in case.

  1. Compliment them

Your date took the time to look extra good for you, it might be a new outfit, accessories or shoes consider this and pay them a compliment. A guaranteed way to make them smile!

  1. Well-groomed tresses

Put some effort in keeping your bangs away so your date can admire that pretty face of yours. But don't go over the top with your style, save a salon day for a special occasion instead.

  1. Keep the conversation wholesome

No matter how much of a habit it maybe, refrain from cussing, keep the topic fun and personal with these not so common how do you do questions.

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  1. Say thank you!

Remember basic manners like saying please and thank you especially when your date opens a door for you or pulls out your chair.

  1. Put your phone away

Nobody wants to talk with someone busy with their phone, but if you must accept a call or text someone, be sure to follow some phone etiquette from this pin and avoid any bad feelings from your partner.

  1. Wear comfy clothes

Don't just focus on making a good impression and follow trends, seek comfort where you can be yourself and exude confidence. You don't want to keep on tugging on your top or pulling down your too short skirt.

  1. Don't talk about a past relationship

Talking about your ex is unfair for the person you're dating unless you've assured yourself you've moved on and are far from the first date. Move on and stay in the present.

  1. What to order on a date

Enjoy a good meal; your date might have picked a nice place to eat so why not ring up their bestseller? This list also shows some dishes that might be harder to eat or cause indigestion that you'd like to stay away from.

  1. Don't be judgmental

Don't be too quick to judge your partner; a first date is far from getting to know them which is why scheduling succeeding dates offers good opportunities.

  1. Make your intentions clear

After a date, say if you really had a good time and if you would like to do this again. This so your date can confirm another meet-up and you both have somewhere to start.

  1. Wear simple makeup

Put the heavy liner and falsies at bay, a natural look lets you enhance your already pretty face, blush and a lippie that matches your lip color can go a long way.

  1. Don't drench yourself in perfume

Dot perfume on these spots to maximize your scent rather than showering yourself from head to toe, you do not want to make your date dizzy.

  1. Be yourself

Even though we'd all like to show our best side during a date, letting your personality shine will let your date know how unique you are. And if they can't handle your true self, then it's a pass.

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