15 Daring Activities Things To Try

Dare to be brave this March by trying out these sporty activities to push you to the limit.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Mar 21, 2015
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  1. Rock Climbing
    You don't have to climb Mt. Everest to show you’ve got guts, try the beginner's level at a park and you'll be surprised to find how fulfilling it is once you reach the peak.

  2. Fencing
    Let your opponent bring out the best in you, show discipline in footwork and courage to strike back.

  3. Hiking
    Brave nature minus the comfort and warmth of home, time to wear some big girl boots and hike through the tops of mountains.

  4. Antigravity Yoga
    Take on your fear of high places one baby step at a time, try antigravity yoga for a fit and fun alternative.

  5. Cliff Diving
    Take the plunge and push off! Cliff diving is an exhilarating activity that lets you let go of your worries and jump! This summer, visit Boracay's Ariel point for the perfect cliff diving experience.

  6. Skateboarding
    Sometimes, you have to fall to learn, don't let that fear hold you back from trying out skateboarding. Master the basics and perfect your balance to be that cool skater girl in school.

  7. Kickboxing
    Arm yourself with basic self-defence skills you can get from kickboxing. This sport will amp up your determination and confidence.

  8. Archery
    Channel Katniss Everdeen in this sport, though not as easy as it looks, focus will be the key in this activity.

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  9. Water Skiing
    Take on this demanding sport that requires all your determination not to let go! Click the link for suggested places you can try water skiing.

  10. Trapeze
    Free yourself from the world and experience the thrill of flying through the air (even for just a few hours). This trapeze company in Taguig will teach you all the basics plus meet supportive mates in the process!

  11. Windsurfing
    Take control of your own "ship" as you maneuver through the waves, make use of the wind to your advantage and race against other windsurfers.

  12. Sand Boarding
    If you're not much of a swimmer, chances are you’ll like this sport, sand boarding lets you slide down the many changing sand dunes in Ilocos with all the rush of skateboarding and surfing in one!

  13. Parasailing
    If trapeze doesn't do it for you, level up to parasailing where you'll fly way up in the air with a parachute and tugged by boat. Learn to appreciate the beauty of nature while you’re up there.

  14. Mud Karting
    Don't be afraid to get dirty, go off road and experience muddy, rocky terrain where you’ll find yourself speeding up and down in fun.

  15. White River Rafting
    Perfect to do with friends, go on an adventure and get your blood pumping through the rapids.

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