15 Cute Photo Ideas to Do with Your Best Friend

Celebrate your friendship through memorable photos you can cherish together.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Sep 24, 2016
Image: The CW | giphy.com
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  1. Flower Child

To pull off this look, dress up in flowy off-the-shoulder tops and don flower crowns on your mermaid wavy hair.

  1. Silhouettes

Perfect for sunrise or sunset shots, this is the time to show off those moves and attempt to do jump shots and yoga poses.

  1. Statement Sweatshirts

Show off your bestie OOTD and wear your best statement shirts with stylish sunnies.

  1. Keep Calm and Carry On

This is just one of those iconic best friend shots, take turns in carrying each other without laughing too much and falling off. Make sure to pick a nice setting for your background.

  1. Lit Up

Transform a photo op with simple Christmas lights and get a pre-holiday snap with your bestie.

  1. Groceries

Bring a grocery cart to the parking lot and take a quick snap with your best friend, preferably with the snacks you purchased.

  1. Portraits

Get professional grade portrait photos in classic black and white like this one.

  1. Windows to the Soul

Or zoom in to capture both of your unique eye shape and color.

  1. Fireworks

Use sparklers to add a dreamlike quality to your photo, which is best to shoot at night.

  1. Summer Swim

If you're in a big group of best friends, try this in a pool or in the ocean, you just need someone to capture the right angle.

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  1. Face Swap

Not the filter, try this cute character printout instead and do your best impersonations.

  1. Paint Fight

Have a paint fight with your bestie or paint on each other similar to this pin, take selfies after!

  1. Spooky

Do a quirky shot with your best buds and wear costumes, the weirder the better!

  1. Roadside Chalk Art

Get on all fours and draw messages and characters on the sidewalk, sketch borders, props and be as creative as possible, get inspiration from this pin.

  1. Balloons

Simple props like balloons can make your pics look fun, choose a theme or go bright and colorful.

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