15 Creative Ways To Wrap Your Presents This Christmas

Think outside the box.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Dec 7, 2014
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Check out 15 ways you can personalize wrapping gifts and make them even more fun to open!

  1. Color Me Gift Wrap
    Simple white paper is great canvas for creativity. Tape crayons on the box for baby siblings or pamangkins and colored pens for friends. Let them do the rest or ask others to write a special message on it!

  2. Washi Tape Ribbons
    Instead of buying ribbons, make your own by applying your most kawaii washi tape to a strip of paper back-to-back then follow the instructions on this pin to create the perfect bow topper!

  3. Christmas Tree Gift Box
    If you intend to give something small, make it look extra special by storing it in a Christmas Tree shaped box, they’ll definitely appreciate the effort and commend you for your creativity.

  4. Pearler Bead Gift Toppers
    If you want to go the extra mile, gather some pearler beads which you probably buy at your local market or craft store and create 3D tree ornaments, iron them at the back to make them stick together.

  5. Picture Tags
    Stop fumbling through gift tags to check who they belong to, instead, quickly identify your recipient by pasting the wackiest photo they have on their present, problem solved!

  6. Japanese Furoshiki Gift Wrap
    This is perfect for gifts that come in a box; create a unique look by applying furoshiki in this how-to pin. Pick out bright or printed scarves from departments stores and embellish with nice gift tags.

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  7. Glittered Peg Gift Toppers
    Reuse wooden pegs by applying one side with glitter and gluing a Christmas figurine on top. Use this as an adorable topper and as a clamp to keep your bows and tags in place!

  8. DIY Gift Wrapping Paper
    Take out your sharpies! With some pastel or light colored paper, simply write down a Christmas quote or message over and over to make a pattern for a personalized wrapping paper they won’t see anywhere else.

  9. Pompom Accents
    Make your present interesting by adding different textures; the small pompoms you see at the craft store make great accents to your gifts especially if they are strategically placed, similar to this pin.

  10. Snowflake Gift Wrap
    Learning how to make cut out snowflakes in grade school wasn’t a bad idea, use that skill to create interesting designs and decorated paper. Simply wrap the snowflake on your gift using twine.

  11. Low Key Silver Accents
    Do love decorating your school supplies with doodles? This freehand DIY is perfect and affordable. Use some kraft paper and a metallic sharpie to put emphasis on a simple design, check it out!

  12. Mashup Wrapper
    Check out a color theme that you like and incorporate them into your wrapper. Use strips of paper, stamped designs and even washi tape to bring it all together. In this pin, you can also add a cut out feather to make it more unique.

  13. Word Search Gift Wrap
    Add fun to your gift by creating a word search hunt! There isn’t tutorial to actually do this, but you can wing it in Word document and typing a lot of the words you want to read like Merry Christmas or the name of the person. After you wrap using the print out, find the words and use bright pens to highlight them.

  14. Eco-Friendly Tube Box
    Recycle toilet paper tubes by making them into a storage box for small gifts. Flatten the tube a bit before pressing the ends to make flaps. Add a colourful strip of paper in the middle and tie it all together with twine or bright ribbons.

  15. Christmas Piñata
    Store chocolates or candy in a small scale Christmas tree piñata that screams holiday perfection! Click through the pin to learn how and save yourself from boring gift wrappers forever!

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