15 Creative Ways to Say What You Feel

Make that someone feel extra special with memorable and personalized ways to tell them how you feel.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Oct 8, 2016
Image: iamafoodblog.com via Pinterest
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  1. Pop-up Balloon Messages

Attach your message using pop-up card letters, simply add an extra bit of paper to your letter to stick it on top of your balloons.

  1. Surprise in a Box

Place your balloons in a box for a better surprise. Use smaller balloons filled with helium, but you'll have to give this surprise fast, smaller balloons tend to stay afloat for around 3 hours.

  1. Conversation Heart Cookies

Say it with food! These conversation heart cookies are perfect for getting your sweet message across.

  1. Tea Bag Messages

If you're someone is an avid fan of tea, why not offer a bag with a secret message attached to it? Do it the old-fashion way with an envelope and letter.

  1. Sparklers

Give your message a magical touch with sparklers and a long exposure camera trick. You can ask your friends to do one letter per message or you can run across to do the whole message.

  1. Matchbox Surprise

Get inspired by these cute matchbox surprise messages and craft your own, this pin shows many ways you can play around with your message.

  1. Heart Stencil

Serve your sweetie with a cup of hot choco or coffee topped with white or choco powder in the shape of a heart with the use of a simple heart cutout as a stencil.

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  1. Sweet Message

Get a pack of sweets and cover their bed with your message. Have fun eating it afterwards.

  1. Banner

Proclaim your love with a banner, DIY your own using many printables from Pinterest.

  1. Mason Jar Decor

Paint mason jars in an I heart you pattern similar to this pin and fill it with treats or use it as home décor.

  1. Talk Nerdy

Use your special someone's hobbies or interests and incorporate them into your message like this Star Wars lego inspired framed message.  

  1. Deck of Cards


This is the popular 52 reasons why I love you DIY, which makes use of a plain deck of cards spruced up with messages on why you love the person. Simple and sweet!

  1. 50 Days of Why I Love You

You could also take it up a notch and create a care package filled with their fave things and add your deck of reasons or messages of why you love them.

  1. Love Calendar

Create a personalized calendar for 2017 with your photos together, this might take some time if you'll do one per month, you can opt to do a full calendar in one sheet instead.

  1. Kisses

With your fave lippies create kiss marks on a sheet of paper, let dry and cutout. On the back of each, write a sweet message to your loved one. Store everything in an envelope and send your kisses!

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