15 Christmas Decor to Cheer Up Your Space

Fun alternatives for non-expensive Christmas decor that's better than your usual store-bought stuff.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Dec 10, 2016
Image: pinterest.com/studioDIY
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  1. Washi Tape Christmas Tree

Nothing says Christmas like a tree but it can get challenging with a small space, instead, spruce up a plain wall with some holiday themed washi tape for a minimalist yet festive look.

  1. Mini Yarn Christmas Tree

You can also try a smaller Christmas tree using yarn and wire, this one would be perfect for your bedside table!

  1. Fur Letters

Cover 3D letters (which you can diy here) with white faux fur for a winter wonderland effect and add some "JOY" to your décor. Tip: Use string beads, glitter, or fabric for other options.  

  1. Mini Wreath

Create mini wreaths with vine wrapped wire, fake leaves (or real, up to you!) to hang on your door or above your bed. This diy was meant to hold a gift card but you and add a photo or a message instead, like this one

  1. Triangle Wreath

You can opt for something unconventional and do a triangle wreath with fresh branches of leaves, twigs and flowers.

  1. Christmas Card Holder

Recycle past Christmas cards and display new ones on a frame, they double as cute décor. Use small wooden pegs to secure them on a ribbon glued to the back of the frame.

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  1. Christmas Light Balloon Garland

Attach Christmas light printouts on a floating balloon's string using black tape. Don't have access to helium balloons? Arrange the string in scallops like a garland instead.

  1. Sugarplum Pinecone Garland

Transform a simple pinecone into a sugarplum when you add colorful pom poms or felt balls on the edges to create a whimsical effect. Hang near a window or door.

  1. Reindeer Garland

Amp up your usual reindeer by using colorful hues or pastel shades of paper, add a sparkly pom pom for the nose and you've got the cutest garland! Don’t forget to draw the features.

  1. Paper Cup Light Garland

If you've got old Christmas lights lying around, house each bulb in paper cups for softer lighting. Wrap patterned and light colored paper around each cup to give off a chic look.

  1. French Macaron Ornaments

Spruce up your Christmas tree with these glittery macaron ornaments that you can easily pull off using bottle caps, paint each one in holiday colors or go girly with pastel shades.

  1. Fabric Watercolor Ornaments

Why not make personalized ornaments with your own message of Christmas cheer? Let your creativity flow and do your own pattern, it's totally up to you.

  1. Instagram Ornaments

What better way to personalize your tree with your own photos! You can also throwback to your really younger days that make for an interesting story!

  1. Eye Ornaments

Revamp old ball ornaments and add a trendy touch, this featured design is sure to be eye-catching!

  1. French Fries Ornaments

Who doesn't love French fries? This non-traditional ornament would look awesome on funky colored tree!

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