14 School-Related Embarrassing Moments

  |  Jun 5, 2010
compiled by Hannah Arce and Nicka Hosaka * illustrations by Ben Deluyas
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  1. Britney Shake-Spears
    We were to present the Shakespearean play, Merchant of Venice, in front of our whole class. Though we were well-prepared, we were still quite nervous-especially after we found out that several teachers and the principal would be watching, too. The play was supposed to begin with an instrumental melody playing in the background. However, the play's intensity and momentum were ruined when the sound system suddenly started playing "Oops...I Did It Again!" Turns out, the sound committee switched CDs for another program. We were all so humiliated! —Gerald, 18
  2. Speech Impaired
    I tried to report about my experiment in our science fair. But I was so nervous, I ended up eating all my words! My classmates were staring at me all throughout my presentation as if I were from another planet. One particular classmate kept asking about the experiment because she didn't understand a thing! The teacher got so upset; I ended up reporting everything from the beginning. —Kathleen, 12
  3. Que Horror!
    We were presenting a Spanish dance for our school fair, and we had to wear long, flowing skirts. While doing exaggerated movements to emphasize the dance steps, I accidentally tripped on my skirt. I fell flat on my face in the middle of the dance sequence! It was so embarrassing to have to cut the dance short because they had to bring me to the infirmary. Good thing nothing serious happened to me. —Abby, 17
  4. Cue-tie Pie
    I was part of this play workshop in Camp Aguinaldo. While watching the rest of the actors onstage, I felt happy that the play was going well. I became so engrossed in the scene, I didn't even notice my cue to come out already! I appeared five seconds later-which totally felt like an hour of silence on stage-with everyone staring at me. How embarrassing! —Sarah, 12
  5. Catch Me If You Can
    I was part of a play where my role was that of a girl being courted. My blocking would often be on the part of the stage that had a makeshift balcony. The set wasn't that sturdy, but we thought it was strong enough to endure a one-time performance. While my "suitor" and I were in dialogue, I heard a soft click on the wooden platform that I was standing on. I ignored the sound. As I moved around to deliver my lines, the makeshift balcony started to shake, and the platform I was on collapsed! I landed on my knees and everyone else started to worry if I was okay. Nothing bad happened to me, but the entire play was ruined! —Mitch, 17
  6. Mandy-saster
    We had a video newscasting report for values class which also required us to present commercials. We decided to do Mandy Moore's Penshoppe ad. My girl groupmate took the role of Brad Turvey who was supposed to sing out of tune. While shooting that particular commercial, we kept laughing, mainly because of the way my friend sang her part. We had to do so many takes! On the day of our presentation, we were in for a big surprise when my other groupmate decided to show our Penshoppe bloopers in front of the entire class! Everyone found it hilarious-thank God it was her oops moment, not mine! —J, 15
  7. Wet, Wet, Wed
    For hekasi class, I had to play the girlfriend of my classmate. Since our skit was on courtship customs, we had to act like we were getting married. When my so-called boyfriend walked down the aisle as the groom, he accidentally dropped our fake holy water bottle. So when it was my turn to walk down the aisle, I slipped! Everyone laughed at my bad fall and worse, I had to walk around in school with my khaki pants soaked in dirty water! —3:60, 12

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