14 Embarrassing Moments About Trying To Fit In

We all want to belong, but sometimes, trying a bit too hard can lead to disaster!
  |  Aug 7, 2010
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  1. Tress Stress
    My group of friends has straight shiny hair while mine is coarse and wavy. I bought the first hair-straightening cream I saw in a drug store and applied it the next day. I was horrified to discover that some strands clumped together and melted halfway throughout the day! My hairdresser decided to cut off my hair, and I had to live with my horrible short hair for several months. —Malou, 17
  2. Phone-y
    Cell phones were becoming the latest and biggest trend when I was a freshman in high school. To try and catch up with everybody, I asked my parents for the latest Ericsson model for my birthday. I showed it off to my friends, but in truth I had no idea how to operate it. Thank God no one asked me how it worked or I would have been busted for sure! —John, 17
  3. No Pain, No Gain
    I’ve always wanted to be a model so I was thrilled when I was picked to join the school fashion show. For weeks, I applied skin-whitening cream and dieted like crazy in order to fit the model stereotype. But because of my excessive dieting and anxiety, I fainted a couple of hours before the fashion show and had to be rushed to the hospital! So much for my modeling debut. —Anna, 17
  4. Exposed!
    See-through jelly bags were the latest craze and I was not to miss out on this trend. One day I was running late for school so I stuffed everything I needed inside my bag. When the day was almost over, I was shocked to see that all my sanitary napkins were scattered and in plain view for everyone to see! —Patricia, 18
  5. Driving Force
    Once, my dad brought me along for a game of golf with his buddies. Feeling all grown up and manly, I wanted to prove that I was part of the Big Boys’ club like them. When it was my turn to drive the ball, I hit it with all my might. I would’ve been proud if it was the ball instead of the golf club that sailed far! —Nico, 17 
  6. Copycat
    I loved the concept of Usher’s video for “Yeah” and got to the point where I idolized him. One night for a birthday party, I copied his style and wore a black suit, a white shirt underneath, paired with blue jeans. I thought I was being very cool until almost everybody at the party realized what I was doing. Many people came up to me and made jokes about copying Usher. I swore to never do it again. —Carlo, 19 
  7. Peep Show
    I’ve always wanted to be considered a fashionista by my peers so I wore low-rise jeans to school thinking that would grab the attention of the boys. I was shocked when a friend told me that the boys sitting behind me were laughing at me because my underwear was peeping out the whole time! —Mara, 18

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