13 Ways To Make 2013 Your Year

Think this isn't your lucky year? Turn things around by following this list.
by Kat Austria   |  Jan 28, 2013
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This isn't an article about the heavenly bodies will perfectly align for you this year. It's not even an about using lucky charms or amulets. It's simply a list of things you can do to get over your fear of the number 13, also known as triskaidekaphobia, and make this year your year!

  1. Stereotyping is a BIG no no!
    There is a saying that goes "Don't judge a book by its cover." Forget about the number 13 being the image of misfortune. Instead, look at it as a special opportunity that would do you good. Refrain from being superstitious. Once you've done this, turning the tables won't be as hard.
  2. Have a definite goal.
    What do you want to achieve this year? What are the things that you want to give a shot? Determine your ultimate goals for the year and focus on those. Thinking of power words like "Nothing is impossible" could be of great help too since it motivates you to reach the finish line. Mantras empower your spirit and give you more chances of succeeding.
  3. See yourself as someone lucky.
    My teacher once told the class that the brain performs according to how it is commanded. So for example, if you always humbly say to yourself that you're pretty, then specific hormones in your body would function to make you pretty.  This works the same way as that. Perceiving yourself as someone lucky would influence your actions and increases the probability of you becoming lucky.
  4. Get organized.
    The best way to start organizing would be learning how to make use of a planner or some sticky notes. Take note of your goals and after that, arrange the items on your list from the least challenging to the most challenging ones. This way, it would be much faster and easier to accomplish everything. There would be a big chance that luck would be on your side since you are determined to achieve something.
  5. Yes, you can.
    Banish the word "can't" from your vocabulary. Perhaps these words are the primary cause of unluckiness. Without the confidence to succeed, the obstacles that you could have overcome would turn into a series of unfortunate events. Believe that you can do it, and you can!
  6. Be patient.
    Luck is not something you can have in an instant. You don't exactly inherit luck, either. A way to gain luck would be waiting for a situation to come and then seizing the day as it is presented to you. According to The Sun, lucky people act fast when opportunity is given to them.
  7. "Fall down seven times, get up eight times." (Japanese Proverb)
    Failure is definitely one of life's best teachers. Don't be afraid to be unsuccessful towards achieving an objective. These disasters that cause your efforts to go down the drain should be another motivation to strive harder towards your aim. Don't treat these failures as bad luck. Instead, consider them a challenge that needs to be overcome.
  8. Look at all the possibilities and make the right choices.
    One can go around a circle in either a counterclockwise or clockwise manner. One could choose to turn left, turn right, go straight ahead, or make a U-turn in an intersection. It is possible to experience misfortunes by overlooking some details in decision-making and acting impulsively. Take as much time as you need but don’t take too long or an opportunity might slip away.
  9. Take risks.
    It is not all the time that the right decision is the best one. Learn to decide for yourself and become self-reliant. You may become successful in a field which you aren’t passionate about but you wouldn’t be happy. Being unhappy is another reason for one to become unlucky since it attracts negativity.
  10. Life is more than just what's trending on Twitter.
    You must be able to interact with others without the use of social networking sites. Why not communicate with your loved ones without using a gadget? You may not be materialistically lucky but you are indeed lucky to have your friends and family.
  11. Acceptance.
    Once you have started experiencing the great things you favor, believe that you are lucky. If you don't, then it simply means that you don’t want to be one. Also, one must accept if one’s luck is not as frequent as the others. For all you know, a better occasion would come your way in the future.
  12. Avoid being too dependent on luck.
    Being someone who is fortunate is not an excuse to be a couch potato. Being dependent on luck may be dangerous and besides, more opportunities come your way when you go out there and live your dream job, travel places, or excel in your favorite sport.
  13. Be thankful for being blessed.
    All the luck in the world has been given to you and one of the best ways to show appreciation for it would be showing that you are grateful. Aside from this, we should be satisfied with what we get out of being blessed rather than asking for more.
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