13 Embarrassing Moments In The Bathroom

Our comfort zone can sometimes turn into a major disaster area! Read on for some totally traumatic trips to the toilet.
  |  May 23, 2010
compiled by Nina Carlotta and Angel Rodriguez * illustration by Ben Deluyas
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  1. Roach Rumble
    I really hate cockroaches! Once while taking a bath, I encountered a huge roach crawling on the shower curtain. I wanted to get away from it so I hurriedly opened the shower curtain-causing the roach to fly all over the place! In my panic, I dashed out of the bathroom without a towel... and ran into our helper! She saw me butt-naked, with shampoo dripping down my face. I was so ashamed I couldn't talk to her after that! —Carlo, 17
  2. Toilet Waterfalls
    One day at school, my tummy was acting weird after lunch. I really had an urge to use the toilet so I went to the nearest comfort room. Fortunately, no one was there. After I did my thing, I flushed the toilet. As I was about to get out of the cubicle, I noticed that the water in the toilet bowl was rising and was starting to overflow! To add to my horror, a few of my batchmates suddenly entered and saw the yucky puddle of water all over the floor. I wanted to cover my face with toilet paper! —Thea, 16
  3. Shower Surprise
    There was a sudden brownout while we were partying at my friend's house. A pal of mine had to use the toilet, but because she was scared to walk around in the dark, she asked me to accompany her. We used the the bathroom upstairs. Just as my friend sat on the toilet, we heard some noises coming from the shower. I went to the shower area and drew the curtain. Guess what we discovered? Two people were kissing inside! We tried to leave the bathroom, but when we pulled the doorknob, it fell off! Everyone was downstairs, so we were stuck inside the bathroom with the lip-locking couple for over an hour! —Rachel, 15
  4. Bad Aid
    I was shaving my legs in the shower, and I accidentally cut myself. I badly needed a band-aid, and so right after my shower, I texted my aunt to bring me one. I sat on the closed toilet bowl while waiting for her. Finally, she knocked. I said "Open." To my surprise, my kuya was standing at the door, with a pack of band-aids in his hand. I had sent my message to him by mistake! I was so embarrassed! —Anj, 16
  5. Mama Don't Preach
    My mom and I went inside a mall restroom which seemed empty. While fixing my hair and waiting for my mom, I heard this really loud, wet fart. I was laughing so hard and telling my mom how stinky her fart was, when she came out and denied farting. Just then, an old lady came out of another cubicle and gave me a really dirty look. Yikes! -Jai, 16
  6. Dancing Queens
    During our free time in school, my barkada and I decided to sneak into the college building's boys' room since no one usually goes there. Laughing and joking around, we became so hyper that we started singing and dancing in front of the mirror. Suddenly, a security guard was standing in the doorway, asking us what we were doing there. We were never allowed into that building again! —Jermaine, 18
  7. Caught On Tape
    After a championship game in school, I was in the locker room with the other players. A friend, who had a video cam to record the game early on, took shots of us while showering. We didn't mind because we thought it was a joke. That same night, we had a victory party where we decided to watch the recorded game. We saw the game all right, but soon after, the shower scene followed! To my surprise, I was shown showering in the buff! My girl friends saw the video and haven't stopped teasing me about it since! —Victor, 16
  8. Waiting In Vain
    I felt utterly relieved after using the toilet to do a number two. On my way out, I learned that my sister's friend was going to use the toilet, too. I started to panic because her friend was really pretty, and I didn't want her to get turned off by the smell. While she was waiting impatiently outside, I started spraying cologne and flushing shampoo down the toilet to mask the smell. I think I did get rid of the smell... but I was in the toilet for so long, I'd hate to think of what she thought I was doing in there. —Kiko, 14
  9. Bust-ed!
    I was dressing up for P.E. class inside one of the cubicles in the girls' bathroom. I had already taken off my blouse when I realized I had left my bag (which had my uniform) outside. Thinking no one else was in the comfort room, I ran out to get the bag wearing just my bra. Imagine my surprise when I saw our boyish P.E. teacher looking straight at my chest, grinning and saying "Nice bust." I could never look her in the eye after that. —Mathet, 16
  10. Messed Up Check-up
    During my mom's birthday party, I went upstairs to "let it all out." There wasn't any toilet paper around so after I did my thing, I called for my mom. She couldn't hear me through all the noise, so I was left sitting there, hoping someone would come upstairs. The bathroom was already stinky when I finally heard someone come up. The door opened and to my surprise, my relatives were standing there, staring at me, covering their noses, and saying, "She's in here!" Turned out my mom got worried about me, and she asked them to look for me. —Carla, 11
  11. Dirty Hairy
    I live in an area where the tap water isn't clean. One day, I had to rinse my hair directly under the faucet by the shower. Everything was fine, until I tried brushing my hair in school. My brush was full of rust, and so was my hair! Good thing no one really noticed, and classes were only half day. Now I never rinse my hair without making sure the water is clean. —Joanna, 15
  12. Bath Timing
    My friend and I had just finished repainting her room. While she was busy cleaning up, I told her I would wash my hands. She nodded, and I ran into the bathroom to clean up. I was soaping my hands when I looked in the mirror and saw the reflection of her dad bathing in the tub. Good thing his eyes were closed and he was listening to music, so he didn't notice me quietly slip out of the room. —Maoi, 19
  13. Tooth-flush
    During a sleepover at my friend's house, I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I was so sleepy, I accidentally knocked down the glass filled with the whole family's toothbrushes! To make things worse, all the toothbrushes fell into the toilet by the sink! I am still too embarrassed to tell my friend what happened! —Tricia, 15
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