13 Embarrassing Moments at the Mall

Shopping may be your favorite pastime but not when events like this catapult you to the Mall of Shame.
  |  May 7, 2010
compiled by Aya Bautista and Val Botin * illustrations by Ben Deluyas
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  1. Strip Shop
    I was shopping with my friends in this huge store. After buying a few items, we decided to leave. While passing through the security sensor, the alarm suddenly went off! We were all asked to pass through it again individually. When it was my friend's turn, it beeped again. The security guard asked him to remove his jacket and shoes—it still beeped. He was then asked to take off his shirt, then his jeans—till he was clad only in his boxers! When it still beeped, they asked him to go with them to the security room. When they finally realized he had not taken anything, they let him go without even apologizing. We were all embarrassed and mad! —Gerry, 15

  2. Miss Shoe
    When I heard that my favorite shoe store was holding their biggest sale ever, I was all over the place! While digging through the piles of shoes, I accidentally dropped the one pair I was holding. As I reached down to get it, someone bumped me, and I fell into the pile. What's worse, two other shoppers stepped on me! Afterwards, two salesladies helped me get up and asked if I was okay. It stopped being my favorite shoe store after that incident. —Angel, 19

  3. The Pee-tting Room
    One day after school, I decided to  de-stress at the mall. I went into a store and spotted a cute floral skirt. I rushed to the dressing room and tried it on. While admiring myself in front of the mirror, I suddenly felt the urge to go to the toilet! I hurriedly started changing back into my clothes, but I couldn't hold it in any longer—I started to pee inside the dressing room! When I was done, I stood there in shock for a few moments. Then I left the skirt in the dressing room, and immediately rushed away from the crime scene! —Nikki, 13

  4. Major Boob-boo!
    You know that shopping-with-your-mom-for-bras-when-your-crush-suddenly-runs-into-you crisis? Well, my story is much worse than that. At the lingerie section where my crush and I were stealing glances at each other, my mother suddenly shouted from afar, "Anak, these padded bras are not enough. And I told you, tissues don't work. We'll drop by this store which sells those jelly things you slip into your bra to make them bigger!" And she said this in front of my crush and the whole department store! —Rina, 15

  5. Bag of Surprises!
    I love shopping in tiangges! Once, a cute bag caught my eye in one of the stalls. Being the bag lover that I am, I picked it up and modeled it in front of the mirror. I was asking the saleslady how much it cost when the other lady customer beside me suddenly said, "Ah... Miss, sa akin ‘yang bag na yan!" And she wasn't lying! —Shaggy, 17

  6. Multiple Choice
    I went shopping with my mom at her favorite store. She was really excited because they had new arrivals. While fitting, she kept asking the saleslady for clothes in different colors, sizes, and styles. It took her more than an hour to fit all of them! Then, after trying on about 30 items, she decided not to buy anything! I'm sure the saleslady was in a foul mood afterwards! —Dani, 18

  7. Digging The Pits
    On one of my recent ukay-ukay trips, I scored a cute white tee that looked exactly like the one I wanted from an expensive store. Out of excitement, I hurriedly purchased it! When I got home, I noticed the top had some disgusting orange gunk on the armpit area. Gross! Now I've learned to double check items before buying them. —Paula, 17

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