12 Of The Funniest, Grossest, and Most Embarrassing Oops Moments Ever

Embarrassing, gross, unique, and funny—read our top favorites and have a laugh!
  |  May 25, 2010
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  • Bitter Sweet
    While eating my fave chocolate, I felt the urge to go to the bathroom. I had my period that day too, so after washing up, I changed my pad as well. As soon as I finished, I resumed eating the chocolate bar. I noticed that my pointer finger had a chocolatey stain so I decided to lick it off. This time, the chocolate wasn't sweet but had a really weird taste. Yuccccck! It was a different "stain" I licked off. Now I always remember to wash my hands thoroughly after every napkin change. —Tisha, 17
  • While You Were Sleeping
    During the wake of my late grandfather, I was really tired and decided to sleep on one of the couches. While I was sleeping peacefully with my legs plopped on the armrest, my two older brothers decided to pull a prank on me. They plucked a flower from one of the bouquets that surrounded me. Then, they strategically put this flower in between my legs for everyone to see. I must have looked like a total fool to the guests who came to pay their final respects to my lolo. It was only when my mother scolded my kuyas for trying to take my picture that they removed the flower. —Arnelli, 13
  • If the Shoe Fits
    For my 15th birthday, my dad took me to Bench to buy me a new pair of jeans. While I was in the fitting room, I could hear my two little brothers' teasing voices saying, "Ateeee..." When I checked what they were up to, I caught them peeking inside the next stall. I was a little confused at the sight until I saw that the person in that fitting room was wearing the same shoes I was! When my brothers realized I wasn't the one in the room, their shocked faces were priceless... I couldn't stop laughing. Later, we overheard the girl tell her boyfriend, "May mga batang naninilip kanina!" —Marie, 15
  • My Stupid Mouth
    My friend chose me to be part of her 18 Candles. I was thrilled at the prospect of giving a speech on the big night. During the debut, I had a really bad case of stage fright... I totally forgot what I wanted to say! So I blurted out the first thing that came to mind: "I appreciate how you always turn to me when you have problems with your boyfriend..." and trailed off when I realized the debutante was giving me dagger looks. Her mother seemed to be ready to faint! And then it hit me-I totally forgot her parents didn't know she had a boyfriend! She didn't speak to me for a week! —Krista, 16
  • La Vida Croak-a
    I was taking a vacation at our family resort one summer, and was thrilled to learn that a really adorable family friend was joining us for the trip! We were having a mini-bonfire one night when I felt the need to use the bathroom. Instead of going back to the cottage, I decided to pee in the makeshift toilet near the beach-the kind with only four walls and no roof. I was comfortably seated on the toilet when the biggest, slimiest frog jumped on my head! I ran out screaming with my shorts and undies still around my knees and bumped into—who else—but Major Cutie! Sparks didn't fly that night, but yucky frogs sure did! —Eraser Head, 17
  • Brief Encounter
    I was never a morning person. I've always hated having to wake up at five am to get ready for school. One particularly lazy morning, I took a shower and dressed up. I was feeling so groggy, I grabbed the first uniform, underwear, and pair of socks I could get my hands on. It wasn't until I had to change for P.E. that I realized I was wearing my kid brother's yucky old briefs! Now I prepare everything, especially my underwear, the night before! —Cathy, 14

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