12 Of The Funniest, Grossest, and Most Embarrassing Oops Moments Ever

Embarrassing, gross, unique, and funny—read our top favorites and have a laugh!
  |  May 25, 2010
compiled by Aussy Aportadera and Lora Gahol * illustration by Ben Deluyas
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  1. Invisible Wall
    I was all-dressed up to meet my high school barkada for an after-dinner get-together at a popular café. It's been ages since I last saw them, so I was really excited for the reunion. When I got down from the car, I saw one of my dear friends waving excitedly at me from inside the café. Ecstatic at the sight of my bud, I hurriedly ran to her-not realizing there was a glass door separating the two of us! I banged my head, lost control, and fell on the floor. I lay there for a while-too stunned to move while so many people came to my rescue. I was okay... except that my forehead, not to mention my ego, was badly bruised. —Eden, 19
  2. Sale Away
    I just couldn't miss one of Bayo's big, big sales. I was shopping "sky's the limit" with my mom. I picked out all the blouses I wanted to try on. And every time something wouldn't fit, I'd hand it to my mom from the dressing room so she could return it. When I was done trying on all the clothes, I realized my blouse (which was also from Bayo) was nowhere in sight! I totally panicked and told my mom I must have mistakenly handed it to her for return. She ran around the place looking for my lost shirt. She finally found it... in the hands of some girl who was about to buy it! Yikes! It took my mom forever to convince the girl and the salesladies that the top was really mine-and not for sale! —Guita, 15
  3. Ipis Be With You
    I was hearing mass with my family one Sunday. During the homily, I found myself daydreaming about my crush, as he was just seated a few pews away from me. Suddenly, I felt something creepy crawl up my spine, and it was travelling pretty fast. I jumped up from my seat, and started wiggling my body like crazy until a tiny cockroach fell off my shirt. I probably looked like a nutcase "dancing" in the middle of a solemnmoment. It must have been God's way of telling me to pay more attention in mass. Needless to say, I've learned my lesson. —Mabel, 18
  4. Stop, Puke, and Listen
    I was at a friend's birthday bash, enjoying the company of my long-time crush. I think I had too much to eat at the party because I started to feel sick. But I didn't want to go home just yet because my crush and I were having a really great (and intimate) conversation. At one point, he made me laugh so loud, I felt some puke go up my throat and in my mouth! Since I literally couldn't excuse myself to go to the bathroom (my mouth was too full), I decided to swallow my own puke, and carry on with the conversation as if nothing happened. I just hope he didn't smell my stinky breath! —Pinky, 17
  5. Most Embarrassing
    Our resident class clown always came up with the goofiest antics. Wanting to have a few laughs during lunch hour, I hung out with her at the school canteen, swapping jokes over a can of Planters Cheese Balls. I was having a blast until I popped a rather soggy cheese ball into my mouth. I made a face and asked her if the can happened to fall into something wet. She howled in laughter and broke the disgusting news: she had previously stuffed that piece into her mouth and put it back in the can as a joke! Eew! I never shared junk food with her again. —Joan, 18
  6. Reach For The Sky
    This happened at a time when my social life wasn't so great. My mom encouraged me to make friends by joining our village's fund-raising concert. I was recruited to be a soloist, and I agreed to sing one song. On the day of the dress rehearsal, I stood on stage as stiff as a tree. Too shy to look at the big crowd, I kept staring at the floor while singing. Suddenly, I saw the director raise her hand from afar. Since the concert was mostly Christian Praise music, I assumed she raised her hand as if to say, "Alleluia." I followed her lead, raised my hand, and kept it up all throughout my performance. When my number was over, the puzzled director approached me, and asked, "Why'd you do that?" Before I could even answer her, she added, "I meant, ‘Look at the crowd, not at the floor!'" —Milo, 29

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