12 Embarrassing Dad Moments

He may be the sweetest thing on the planet, but watch out! Daddy may just be the reason behind your most mortifying moment!
  |  Jun 5, 2010
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  • Officially Missing You
    Back then, I was still a high school student in an exclusive school for boys. My dad was really strict and overprotective that he'd even pick me up everyday after school. One day, my friends and I had to shoot a video presentation at a secluded part of the school. It lasted pretty long so when my dad came to pick me up, he found it odd that I wasn't there. He waited for me for an hour, and then he began to panic. He thought something bad had happened to me! He went to the school office and reported his "missing son." The school personnel searched the entire school to no avail. He got so worried, he even called up the police! When our video shoot ended, I returned to the parking lot. When my dad saw me, he ran up to me and gave me a really big hug! My high school classmates were laughing at me! I felt like such a big baby. —Richmond, 18
  • If the shoe falls
    I enjoy watching people ice skate at SM Megamall. One Sunday, I was with my dad, and we were watching from three levels up the rink. When Dad told me we had to go, I stepped back from the railing, but my feet suddenly got stuck under the glass panel! Seconds later, my mules fell down to the skating rink! Everyone looked up, wondering where the fallen shoe came from. My very embarrassed dad had to accompany her barefoot daughter down the escalators to the rink just to get her shoe back. —Cinderella, 17
  • Closed for Comfort
    My dad and I were dining at a Chinese restaurant with our family when we both felt the urge to go to the bathroom. When we got there, we realized we couldn't go at the same time since the men's room only had one toilet. Seeing that I badly had to go, my dad let me use the men's toilet first. When I stepped out, he was no longer in line. I went back to our table to look if he was there, but my mom told me he was still in the rest room. I decided to go back to the rest room to check. But the men's room was already empty, while two women were in line for the ladies' room. Suddenly, the door to the ladies' bathroom swung open and out came my dad! I was too embarrassed to look at the ladies' reactions. —Marc Adrian, 19
  • Third Party
    My parents didn't know I had a boyfriend. One night, I was on the phone, exchanging mushy lines and sweet nothings with him. I was so kilig, I didn't notice someone was listening on the extension. I only found out when an angry voice asked, "Anak, what are you doing?" It was my dad! I was so embarrassed, I immediately put down the phone. I couldn't face my dad the next day! —Steph, 20
  • Love Track-ed
    I picked up my date at her house for my prom. Without my knowledge, my overexcited dad decided to trail us to the prom venue in his own car. I was busy talking to my date while driving that I didn't notice him. When I got to a stoplight, I was surprised to see my dad's car beside mine! To my horror, he got down from the car and started knocking on my date's window. He then proceeded to lecture me about driving too fast. My date and I were too shocked and embarrassed that we spent an uncomfortably silent night! —Rockie, 18
  • Doctor Love
    One day, my crush, who was a med student, came to visit me. When he arrived, he was ushered into the living room. After saying their hellos, my dad then started asking him questions concerning my dad's health. He also asked for the right prescription. I was starting to get embarrassed with the free consultation, so I felt relieved when my dad finally stood up to leave. Just when I thought it was all over, he returned to the room, and said, "Oh, you know what, I forgot to ask you... I have this ringworm and..." My dad showed it to him at that instant, even asking my crush to touch it so he could give a better diagnosis! I wanted to die right there! —Roxy, 20

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