11 Struggles Of A Girl Addicted To School Supplies

by Aaliyah Ybanez   |  Apr 29, 2016
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  1. Looking for a planner is like looking for new shoes—everything has to fit perfectly.


    Your planner is your best friend. It knows everything about you - your thoughts, your plans, your dreams and aspirations, and everything in between. There is nothing more fun than looking for a new planner to jot everything down and to decorate when you're bored.

  1. Getting new different colored pens brings you more joy than getting flowers.


    Nothing could equate the feeling when you buy your pens then unbox them when you get home. The thought of using all the colors on your notebook or planner to work on your new doodle masterpiece or just simply use them to jot down all the things you need to do and remember exhilarates you. New colored pens are the best motivator out there.

  1. You have every color of post it there is, and every kind.

    Post-its are a definite must in your pencil case, and the best ones come in soft different colors and unique designs.

  1. Even if you're not the most creative one in school, you definitely have the biggest pencil case out there.

    Pencil case
    via mochithings.com 

    You can't just leave all your ammo at home, what if you need 3 different shades of blue to write notes down in your math class? Or what if your teacher says you need to bring scissors? And you know everyone borrows pens from you because they know you practically have a bookstore in your bag; to which, of course, you always properly label your pens and supplies so they won't get lost or stolen.

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  1. You always get too excited when you're going to stop by a bookstore and you end up splurging on too many pens or notebooks.


    But you don't regret on buying too many anyway.

  1. Going to different countries and hoarding notebooks and pens because they're a whole lot cheaper. The one hundred pesos difference in other countries is significant. Hence, you probably buy more notebooks and pens as compared to pasalubongssometimes. You really have to take advantage of the price; otherwise, you'd regret it until the end of your trip.
  1. Even with all the pens that you have, there is still that one pen which you use all the time, every day.


    You can't write without your favorite pen in hand. And when it runs out of ink, you immediately run to the store to get another one.

  1. The points of your pen matter. Should I take notes with my .7 pen or my .5 pen? The choice is yours.
  1. There is a drawer in your room filled with unused notebooks. Which you open up whenever you're stressed and smell the new leaves on the notebooks. No, we are definitely not obsessed
  1. You prefer writing as compared to typing everything down.

    Writing down notes
    via theweek.com

    Hence, you're the master of lists, handwritten letters, and everything in between.

  1. Your wish lists consists more of pens and supplies. Who wouldn't agree that getting new notebooks and post its are the best gifts ever?
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