10 Things You Should Know About Super Junior

Whether you're a super fan or a newbie in the Super Junior fandom, be sure you're armed with these essential facts.
by Sharline Bareng   |  Apr 15, 2010
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  1. It's the second time that Super Junior has toured Asia, but it's their first time in the Philippines. The Super Show in Manila is actually the 15th show and last stop for the tour. They would love to come back here if they do another Asian tour.
  2. The boys are very much updated with what goes on in their fan bases. They check out posts in forums. They've always wanted to come here because so many Super Junior fans from the Philippines listen to their radio shows and musicals.
  3. When asked about the best thing that fans have ever done for them, the boys mentioned that they love the videos of "Sorry, Sorry" dances posted by Pinoys in YouTube—including the performance by the prison inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC)!
  4. Even if they've been performing together for years, the boys still get nervous before show time. They quickly forget about that when they see how excited their fans are.
  5. Aside from their group activities, all the members are busy with their acting and hosting gigs. Leeteuk, the group's leader, along with Eunhyuk and Shindong, regularly star in their own segment "Teukigayo" for the variety show Strong Heart in Korea.
  6. Siwon is another member who is very active outside of SuJu. He is the lead star of the TV drama Oh My Lady, where he plays an actor who ends up living with his lady manager. The SuJu guys love watching his show and are quick to point out that Siwon's acting is really improving. They even got a bit jealous when he got to kiss his lead actress, Chae Rim!
  7. Donghae is one of the most popular SuJu members among Filipino fans. The 23-year-old said this was unexpected. "I'm very shocked to know that! I wish I can make a drama in the Philippines," he said.
  8. Do the boys have rituals before performing? "We pray to God," Siwon answered in English.
  9. Shindong learned to count from one to ten—in Tagalog!
  10. Sungmin, one of the favorites to lead the group's musicals, is also a martial artist. He even did a high kick at the press conference at the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel last Saturday.
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