10 Things You Could Do to Make Your Journal Entries More Creative

by Mara Agner   |  Mar 24, 2017
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Let's be honest, keeping a journal is a never-ending creative process. Aside from making sure that your thoughts and stories are written creatively, you also have to see to it that they look just as nice on paper. So when The Calligraphy Hub posted about tips on making your notes look prettier, we figured this could also be useful for those who keep a journal. Below are 10 suggestions to keep your entries interesting.

  1. Use various shapes.

Do this especially when you need to highlight or stress important thoughts or quotes.

  1. Change the font for special words.

Do it if you don't want to draw on special thoughts or musings, but want to highlight it.

  1. Add little flourishes to your title.

A little cursive or flick here and there will go a long way.

  1. Use various arrows.

Use it to indent detailed information or underline special dates or sentences.

  1. Make little banners.

Banners are the easiest ways to prettify your entries.

  1. Use thought bubbles. 

You can put your notes-to-self or other important reminders in thought bubbles.

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  1. Write in different ways.

Big, small, italicized, cursive—anything goes!

  1. Use at least three colors.

Three complementing colors are all you need!

  1. Connect ideas.

Using dots and lines can make your entries look more interesting.

  1. Use embellishments...

...like all sorts of doodles!

Below are the illustrated tips!

Whether you have good or bad handwriting, these tips are guaranteed to make your entries a lot nicer!

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