10 Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone at Least Once in Your Life

by Bea Jocom for Preview.ph   |  Apr 24, 2016
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Ever experienced coming across a crazy seat sale and badly wanting to book a trip before it vanishes? But then you realize you need to call your family and friends first to know who can join you. After which, you go through the hassle of finding a common schedule for everyone. The easy-peasy solution to that dilemma? Travel alone! This 2016, we urge you to book that ticket without hesitation and fly solo!

Below, the reasons why you should do it at least once in your life. 

1. It's invigorating! 

From the moment you enter your credit card details to finally booking that trip, you'll probably be grinning from ear to ear. The feeling is inexplicable—like excitement, joy, and fear all rolled into one. 

2.  You'll feel like a grown-up. 

Traveling with the folks has its perks like free lodging, pocket money, transportation, and air fare. But once you book a trip yourself, you're all alone. You'll learn how to budget money, understand the importance of the exchange rates, and basically take care of yourself. No matter how short the trip is, you'll come home feeling like a more mature, grown woman. 


3. You can plan a stress-free itinerary. 

Your trip, your rules. You get to wake up as late or as early as you want. You get to discover local boutiques in hidden places and be able to take your time shopping.  The best part is that no one will force you to do things you don't want to do just to take into account your travel companions.

4. Basically, you'll have total control over your time. 


5. You'll make new friends. 

When you're alone, you’re bound to meet new people—like when you ask for directions, request for help in ordering a dish from a menu in a foreign language, or simply cross paths with a super cute stranger in a bar. Jet setting alone will hone your social skills.

For more reasons to travel alone, go to Stylebible.ph.

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