10 Of The Most Embarrassing Moments Ever!

There have been a lot of major Oops moments, here are some of the funniest, grossest, and most embarrassing of them all!
  |  Aug 22, 2010
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Ipis Be With You
I was hearing mass with my family one Sunday. During the homily, I found myself daydreaming about my crush, as he was just seated a few pews away from me. Suddenly, I felt something crawl up my spine—and it was traveling pretty fast! I jumped up from my seat and started wiggling my body like crazy until a tiny cockroach fell off my shirt. I probably looked like a nutcase “dancing” in the middle of a solemn moment. It must have been God’s way of telling me to pay more attention in mass. Needless to say, I learned my lesson. —Mabel, 18, August 2003

Almost Famous
I keep a low profile, but I don’t mind when random people recognize me, ask for my autograph, or have a picture taken with me. During a stay in Boracay, I was taking a walk down the beach when a couple approached me. The woman gestured to her camera, so on impulse, I assumed she wanted a photo with me. Just as I was putting my arm around her to pose, her husband gave out a hearty laugh and said, “We wanted you to take a picture of us.” I turned red and took the picture as fast as I could. They must have thought I had the biggest ego in the world! —Larry Fonacier, Ateneo Blue Eagles, July 2004

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I was only 10 years old when, during a fiesta in Bulacan, I sang to a crowd.  I was on a makeshift stage lit by a white bulb, which attracted many moths. Midway into a song, a moth entered my mouth and I almost choked! It was so bad that I didn’t get to finish my song. Even if I tried to sing, nothing came out. I’m only glad this blooper hasn’t traumatized me from performing, though I still get scared when I see a light bulb surrounded by moths! —Kyla, singer, August 2004

H2-Oh, no!
For an activity at summer camp, we were asked to build houses out of toothpicks and bubble gum, and the group with the strongest house would win the challenge. We all chewed bubble gum and rinsed it in a glass of water to remove the saliva. When the activity was over and one group had already won, my friend reached over for a drink. Forgetting that his water was in a bottle, he drank out of a glass and noticed the water was warm. He quickly spit it out and started throwing up, realizing he drank the water used to rinse all the bubble gum! —KC2K1, 23, September 2005 


Baby Count
I was texting my friend about how much I liked this guy. It went: “Michael Rivera is the man of my dreams. I love him to death and I know that sooner or later, he’ll fall for me too, and we’ll get married and have five kids.” I was surprised when I received a message from Michael. It said, “I think you sent me a wrong message. And by the way, I only plan on having two kids!” I wanted to throw my phone away!—Nikki, 18, March 2001

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