10 Of The Most Embarrassing Moments Ever!

There have been a lot of major Oops moments, here are some of the funniest, grossest, and most embarrassing of them all!
  |  Aug 22, 2010
compiled by Angel Constantino * illustration by Ben Deluyas
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Trippin’ on Love
I thought it would be sweet to surprise my long-time girlfriend with a cute stuffed toy and a dozen white roses after her last class on Valentine’s Day. I waited outside her classroom, and as soon as I saw her coming out of the building, I decided to make my move. I was walking towards her on a perfectly level pavement when I suddenly tripped over my own feet! I wasn’t able to catch myself, so I landed flat on my face! The stuffed toy flew out of my hands and the roses scattered everywhere. Everyone was laughing. It was so embarrassing! —Tristan, 21, January-February 2005

Falling For You
I went jet skiing for the first time in Palawan. I was so kilig because my instructor was a good teacher and a cutie too. He showed me how to balance and maneuver the jet ski so I wouldn’t fall off. When I felt ready to head out on my own, I called out to him so he could watch me kick butt. I started out okay, and from a distance, I saw him grinning from ear to ear. I was so captivated by his smile that I suddenly lost my balance and fell into the water. And that wasn’t all—the jet ski turned over and hit me right on the mouth, chipping off my tooth. I wished the water would just swallow me up! —Clairey, 16, May 2000


Mirror Image
I had a major debut to attend, and since I was going to be with my crush, I wanted to look smashing. It took me several weeks to find the perfect outfit—a backless hot pink bohemian dress. The moment I laid eyes on it, I knew it was the dress. On the night of the party, it took me hours to get prepped. By 9 pm, I found myself doing a grand entrance at the ballroom of Shangri-La Hotel. I was so “feeling pretty” until—Oh no! Is that Ms. Bartolome in the same hot pink outfit?! I couldn’t believe my teacher was wearing the same one-of-a-kind number I had. Needless to say, even my date was flabbergasted —Chiqui, 16, July 2000

Image Tragic
I have this habit of recopying photographs of all my crushes. One day, I got hold of a picture of Mark, my latest crush. I didn’t have the negatives so I went to the mall to have it duplicated via Kodak’s Image Magic. Before handing his photo to the person in charge, I looked around suspiciously to make sure none of his friends would see me. After Mark’s photo was scanned, his smiling face appeared on a large screen for my approval. At that very moment, a man in his mid-forties came over to the booth, looking at the photo curiously. “A friend of yours?” he asked, smiling while pointing to Mark’s face. He seemed friendly and harmless, so I nodded and smiled back. “Oh, how nice to know you know my son,” he replied. My eyes widened in disbelief. What were the chances of his father walking in at that very moment? I wanted to die! —Joanna, 17, March 2000

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Karaoke Queen
My friend has an old karaoke unit in their family music room. We wanted to work the unit though none of us knew how to use it. When we were finally able to make it play, my friends dared me to sing first. I gamely obliged and belted out Britney Spears’s “Oops… I Did It Again.” Little did we know, we had mistakenly attached the microphone plug to the central sound system of the house! To make matters worse, my bud’s cute older brother and his barkada heard me singing a cappella because the actual music wasn’t connected! Talk about Oops… I did it and I’m never doing it again! —Nicole, 17, July 2002

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