10 Most Embarrassing Moments In School

  |  Jun 27, 2010
compiled by Christine Herrin, Krissy Sevilla and Shar Tan * illustration by Ben Deluyas
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  1. S-S-S-Shirt Slip-up!
    You know how some shirts have those long, transparent stickers that indicate the shirt size? Well I was strutting my über-cute new shirt in school when I noticed people staring at me. I thought they just loved the shirt and thought it was cute too. But when I had stopped to fix my bag, I touched something foreign. Something that definitely was not cotton, I looked and saw a long strip of sticker, with S-S-S-S-S-S-S printed on it. I was so embarrassed! I tried to remove it as discreetly as possible but the walkway was crowded with people. I ended up covering my shirt with my colossal calculus book and sprinting towards the restroom! —Mark, 19
  2. Breaking all the Rules
    You aren’t really allowed to eat in class, right? My classmates and I were eating cheese Kornets, and I hid the entire pack of chips in my skirt. One of my classmates told the teacher that I had a question for her, so when she called on me, I had no choice but to stand up. When I did, the entire pack of Kornets that was in my lap spilled onto the floor! The class burst into laughter! —Kalyn, 19
  3. Red and Running
    I ran for student council president. While campaigning, I noticed that people were paying attention to my speeches. I entered one classroom hoping to give out stickers and campaign material. At the end of the campaign, a friend pulled me aside and told me that the side zipper of my skirt was wide open and my underwear was clearly visible! I was so embarrassed that my face turned so red, and I couldn’t face the crowd again. —Sheila, 17
  4. Note No-no
    One time, my best friend and I got so bored in Biology class that we decided to “paper chat.” She was at the other end of the classroom. We were having fun, when suddenly, our teacher caught us! She took the paper and read it out loud. What was worse was that it contained funny remarks about our teacher’s way of speaking! We both got a scolding in front of all our classmates. —Reena, 15
  5. Cold Storage
    I have a teacher who makes us read a story before starting the day’s lesson. One time she called me to read—the same day I was down with a cold and flu. Nevertheless, I stood up and did as I was told. Halfway through, my nose got really itchy and I sneezed. Mucus spilled out from my nose and I totally lost my poise. I swore never to speak in front of class ever again! —Razdark, 14
  6. It’s A Girl Thing
    I was running late for school so I stuffed all my belongings in my bag. I had my period that day so I was feeling really harassed. I attended my classes and come lunchtime, my guy classmate wanted to borrow my notebook, so I handed it to him. He opened it and was astonished to find a sanitary napkin inside! When I saw it, I screamed and snatched it away. My other blockmates then grew curious and began asking what the commotion was all about! Urk! —Cookie, 18
  7. Careless Whispers
    When I was in class, I started conversing with my friend in another language, confident that no one would understand us. I began telling her that I had a crush on one of our classmates and that he was so cute and that I liked him a lot. It was only recently that one of my friends told me that some of the people seated around us could understand that language too! I was so embarrassed; I promised myself I’d never do that again! —ADMU Cutie, 20
  8. Bloody Mary
    While in school, I felt that it was already my time of the month, but I dismissed it since I wasn’t feeling any pain in my tummy. Besides, my period always arrives at night so I never bothered to go to the bathroom to check. Boy, was I wrong! During recess, my best friend and I decided to look for one of our friends so we went all around the campus. Suddenly, a friend of mine came up to me and told me my skirt had blood stains. It was her teacher who first noticed and asked her to tell me about it. I was so red with embarrassment that I immediately sat down, grabbed my bag, and pleaded with my friend to bring me home. Still using my bag to cover my big mishap, I looked at my skirt as soon as I got home and got the worst shock of my life. I had a really HUGE stain! What was more embarrassing was that we passed a group of really cute boys! I didn’t want to go back to school after that.  —Mary, 15
  9. Legally Red
    The week after I won the seat for legislative assembly representative, I went around different classrooms during break time to make a few announcements. Thrilled by my new position, I room-hopped, going into classrooms one by one. I made my last stop for the hour, and made my announcements in a very lively tone, with actions and all. When I turned around, I saw a guy red with fury. Turns out, he was the teacher and he was just writing something on the board for his lecture!  —Mary, 19
  10. A Walk in the Clouds
    It was a usual busy day at school and I was walking alongside my friends in the corridor. I saw my longtime crush in the distance and began daydreaming. I had this goofy grin on my face and I was imagining his eyes and his smile becoming clearer with each step. Suddenly, I was awakened to the fact that I was standing right in front of him! I must have looked like a complete dork, gaping at him! Something good came out of it, though, because from that day on, he’d smile at me whenever we’d catch each other in the corridor. —Kitty, 19
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