10 Little Quirks Only Bookworms Understand

by Chinggay Labrador   |  Nov 20, 2015
PHOTO Patrick Martires
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 1  No matter how hard you try shifting to e-books so your room doesn't turn into a mad, Ollivander's-looking hideaway for countless volumes, you can't help but crack when you hold a "real" book in your hands.

 2  You wish someone would create a fragrance called "new book scent."

 3  You've got all sorts of pain in your neck, back and arms from all the different positions you've gotten into while reading in bed.

 4  You know what it's like to visit all the bookstores only to find out the title you're looking for is sold out. Everywhere.

 5  And because of that, for every new release, you now place yourself at the start of the line before the bookstore opens. (Throwback to the Harry Potter era). Everyone else can shut their traps.

 6  You hate when the movie version changes the entire ending.

 7  That said, you hate it too when they change even the most minor lines.

 8  You read the book before you watch the movie (and silently think you're better than the vast majority who hasn't).

 9  You've got eye blur and eye twitching syndrome.

 10  You know the pleasure of having to stop reading a book right when you can't take the feels anymore. And then going back in to reread that same part again and again.

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Chinggay Labrador is a freelance writer for several publications in Manila and overseas. An architect by profession, she loves to travel, dabble in design, bake brownies, bike, surf, practice yoga, and contribute to her family's blog, thehappylab.com.ph. She has released three novels, and her latest fictional short story will be published this month under Buqo Bookstore. She is currently working on a collaborative novel. Chinggay is also a yoga instructor teaching vinyasa yoga, foundations and restoratives. 
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