10 Good Deeds Under P100

Because L-O-V-E does not cost a thing.
by Rizzi Ponti   |  Dec 16, 2012
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Christmas season is a time for giving but sometimes, we get so caught up with Christmas shopping and wrapping gifts that we forget there's someone out there who could use a helping hand. This season every Candy girl can give with just a portion of their allowance and we strongly encourage it. Check out 10 things you can do this Christmas season.

  1. Visit Cottolengo Filipino.
    Remember when Gerald Anderson played the role of Budoy? He went to an orphanage for mentally-challenged kids called Cottolengo Filipino in Montalban, Rizal and played basketball with the kids. Some of the kids were abandoned. Some were given up by their parents. All are hungry for love. You can pay them a visit to bring them old toys and play with them, too!
  2. Organize a donation drive for typhoon victims.
    You and your friends can go through your old stuff and pick out the ones you don't need anymore. There are typhoon victims in need of dry clothes, warm blankets, and footwear this Christmas. If you don't wear them anymore, donate them. You'll have more closet space and you'll help out without spending a dime. If you want to take it up a notch, go door to door in your neighborhood and ask for things they want to donate. There are a lot of foundations you can bring these to but you can also bring all of the stuff you collected to your local government office or the nearest Church.
  3. Be a big sister.
    If you are near LRT Santolan station, you can volunteer for CRIBS, an orphanage that houses newborns and toddlers. Spending a few hours with abandoned babies will touch your heart and remind you how blessed you are you have mom and dad. You can even bring old toys instead of letting them gather dust in your room.
    For more details, call: 6818078 or 6815921.
  4. Buy a pack of biscuits or chocolate.
    Keep them in your bag and the next time street children ask for money, give them food instead. This Christmas, make it a habit to give food instead of loose change to children in the street. It would be better that way instead of giving them money they might spend on the wrong things.
  5. Give Mother Earth some cyber love.
    Maybe you once dreamed of becoming a candidate for Miss Earth and be an ambassadress to save our planet but even if you realize beauty pageants aren't your thing, you can still campaign for change without leaving the comforts of home by becoming a Greenpeace(http://www.greenpeace.org/seasia/ph/) cyberactivist. Cyberactivists are volunteers that join Greenpeace's web-based campaigns. Fill out this form to join!
  6. Buy a sad friend a treat.
    You don't have to look for someone who needs help in far places. That sad friend who keeps saying she's forever alone? Buy her favorite ice cream to cheer her up. She's guaranteed to at least give you a smile but do you know what will make her feel better? A listening ear and a sincere hug from you. Let her know she has a friend in you she can count on. That won't cost you a cent but it will make a difference.
  7. Help Yaya with the household chores.
    Christmas season usually calls for celebrations but behind all the fun, there are a lot of things to be done at home like washing the dishes, preparing food and cleaning the house. Help yaya out by keeping your room clean. Maybe you can even look after your younger siblings. Give household chores a try. You'll earn a spot in Santa's Nice list for sure (and in Mom's too!) Also, don't forget to buy yaya a gift to show gratitude for all her help.
  8. Pool in with friends and buy Noche Buena food...
    ...for a family in need. Instead of your yearly Kris Kringle, buy pasta, ham, fruit salad, or anything you'd love for Noche Buena. The more friends you convince to join, the more food you can buy. Put all of it in a basket and pick a family who can't afford to buy traditional Noche Buena food like victims of the recent typhoon. Ask mom and dad for some help in delivering the basket to the family you choose. The smiles you'll see will be much more satisfying than "something sweet" or "something cuddly," I promise.
  9. Help bunso with his project over the Christmas break.
    I'm sure you have school work too but how about lending your younger sibling a hand with that tough project for school. Most likely, you've already done something like it years before. He'll surely appreciate it and leave you in peace when you're doing that book review or that long paper you have to finish.
  10. Give mom and dad a hug and a kiss.
    Just because. <3 Merry Christmas, Candy Girls!
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