10 Embarrassing Moments in the Locker Room

These guys will tell you that the locker room isn't only a place to freshen up after a game�it's also the perfect place for your most embarrassing moment!
  |  Jul 7, 2010
compiled by Amanda Lim and Vero Zamesa * illustration by Ben Deluyas
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  1. Hall of Shame
    I was getting ready for PE and I hadn’t showered that morning, so I decided to wash up before practice. As soon as I showered and walked back to get my towel, I realized that someone had taken my bag and all my stuff! I panicked because I wasn’t wearing any clothes and PE was about to start in a few minutes! Then I thought I heard someone calling my name from the hallway. Not having that many options, I went out to see who it was. I followed the voice thinking it would lead me to my bag. It turns out a girl from my PE class was playing a trick on me and was waiting for me to do just that. As I was walking in the hallway covering myself, I noticed she had her hand on the fire alarm. Without hesitation, she pulled it and everyone darted out into the hall. So, there I was in the middle of the crowded school hallway—completely exposed. I was mortified, and it was definitely my most embarrassing moment! —Gerard, 19

  2. A Total Lifesaver
    After an out-of-town class trip, I had just finished playing basketball with a bunch of my friends. I did not want to smell the entire ride home, so I decided to take a shower. Unfortunately, they were working on a few things in that resort, which included labelling the male and female locker rooms. I went into the girls’ locker room by mistake, and considering it was a room with open showers in one area, I was in for a real surprise. I stripped naked and walked into the shower, and when I looked over, the first thing I noticed was my elderly Spanish teacher’s naked backside! I was so surprised that I started to run, grabbing the first thing I saw for protection. I ran out of the locker rooms with only a tiny life vest and bad memories of my Spanish teacher. —Chase, 20

  3. Varsity Blues
    When I was a sophomore, I joined the basketball varsity team. Everyone on the team had to wear these break-away pants with buttons that go up the sides. We would wear them during warm-up exercises and then make a big deal out of pulling them off in front of our friends to expose our basketball shorts. One time, the air conditioner was busted and it got very hot in our locker room, so I skipped wearing shorts. I was running out onto the court, and I pulled my pants off to reveal my ratty old baby blue boxers! I saw my teammates snickering and some cheerleaders giving me pitying looks, and I vowed never to use that locker room again! —Nate, 16

  4. The Shoe Must Go On
    When I was a freshman, we had a sportsfest. I am a pretty good runner, and I was able to win a couple of ribbons for my class. Before the last and final race, I left my brand new running shoes in my open locker as I changed into shorts in the other room. When I got back, I saw that my beloved running shoes were gone! I started to panic as I looked around the whole locker room, but they were still nowhere to be found. What I did find, however, was an old, ratty pair of running shoes that someone had left a year before. I had no choice but to use those shoes! They were stinky and a little too big for me, but fortunately, I still won the last race. But I blame that locker room for swallowing up my shoes, though! —Daniel, 26

  5. Mr. Math!
    A few weeks ago, I saw at least four old naked men walking around my athletic club’s locker without a care in the world. I thought that was pretty gross, but since I was alone in the locker room that day, I thought, why not?

    So I got out of the shower without a towel on. I went over to the locker that had my stuff in it and sat on the bench. All of a sudden I saw my math teacher walking towards me... also NAKED!
    I was so uncomfortable, but it was too late to do anything (like scram!). He was coming over to talk to me and say hi. I wanted to run away but I wasn’t dressed yet. He sat down next to me and started chatting. I was too embarrassed to go back to school the next day! —Richard, 18

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