10 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Do-it-yourself ideas for your Halloween costumes this month!
by Jordy Castro   |  Oct 26, 2013
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For Candy Girls, the month of October brings two things: sembreak, and of course, Halloween! And with the arrival of the month of scares, there is sure to be at least one costume party to attend. So here are the do-it-yourself links for ten super trendy, and original costume ideas for the Candy costume queens.

  1. Grumpy Cat
    All you need is a few items of makeup and a brush to re-create this grump of a cat.
  2. Egg and Bacon
    This breakfast costume involves just a few hours of sewing, and a person to share the costume with.
  3. Tetris
    The much beloved game can be turned into a rocking Halloween with just a few painted boxes, and black duct tape.
  4. Grape Costume
    For the food enthusiast, the grape costume comes in colors of green, and purple, and is surprisingly easy to make.
  5. Hoodie-a-saurus
    This simple dinosaur hoodie costume is perfect for the casual, low-key, Halloween parties.
  6. Rollercoaster
    Effort is the key for this Halloween costume, especially since it turns simple homemade materials into the perfect group costume.
  7. Trophies
    This is another great costume idea to do with friends. A can of skin friendly paint, a cardboard box to stand on, and painted sports equipment are the materials needed for this wonderful costume idea.
  8. Mario Kart Cosplay
    Mario Kart was everyone's favorite game when they were younger. Now you can turn it into the perfect Halloween costume with the aid of a few helium balloons, a sewing kit, and of course, a bicycle.
  9. Britney Spears
    The pop princess is one of the more classic costume ideas, along with impersonating other pop celebrities. This is six minute tutorial is sure to help you get your Britney on.
  10. Zombie
    The classic zombie costume may be old, but it is definitely not overrated. This twelve-step tutorial is a great way to become one of the undead.

What are you dressing up as this Halloween?

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