#WorkItWednesday: 5 Fun Extracurricular Activities that Are Actually Practical, Too

Who knows, you might just make a career out of what you love doing in school.

Who says extracurricular activities are just a pastime? Who says they’re just a fun, once-in-a-while break from studying? Who says the skills you can get or develop from them are just “nice to have” and not something you’ll need or find useful someday?

Not us! We actually love them, and we believe that if your passion lies in one of those extracurricular activities, there should be no stopping you from devoting part of your time to them. Some of those clubs or non-academic projects can even equip you with the confidence you need to be future-ready! Take a look at some of our ideas.

Have a fun and fantastic #WorkItWednesday with the activities that we whipped up with Rexona for you! But don’t forget to smell clean and fresh all day when you try them out! Who knows, these activities might just be your key to gain the confidence you need to be future-ready!

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