#TransformTuesday: 6 Handy Habits That Will Give You Extra Confidence at School

Exams? Class presentations? You know you need some extra boost!
#TransformTuesday: 6 Handy Habits That Will Give You Extra Confidence at School

Your daily habits can make or break your confidence. For instance, if you’re always nega and you have something big coming up at school, there’s a great chance it’s not going to end well simply because you think so. If you don't stick to a proper grooming routine, it affects how you look, and your self-esteem can be down as you interact with people around campus.

Don’t worry, dear Candy cuties. Your teenage years will be the best time to start changes that can eventually be part of your daily routine. And it’s never too late to adopt habits that will give you your much-needed confidence boost whenever you need it at school.

We have a lot in store for the schools we’ll be visiting this #TransformTuesday, thanks to Pond’s and Master. We’ll be talking about beautiful transformations that start with great skin, which both girls and guys can achieve with the right skin regimen. Once you get those pimple problems, oily skin, and other flaws out of the way, join our #Selfie Time, and take a lot of photos with your friends!

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