Been to Siargao Lately? You Might Have Met This Cute Island Doggo

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by Ana Leah Gonzales for the OG Channel   |  Oct 28, 2021
Image: Courtesy of Ruan Mac
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Pets are a great source of joy (especially in quarantine), but being a pet owner is a huge responsibility too. Siargao-based entreprenuer Ruan Mac knows this well.

Her dog Nougat, a Siberian Husky born and raised on the island, would often go “missing.” “Naging favorite place niya talaga ‘yung market,” Ru told Summit OG in an interview. “Kilala na siya ng mga vendors doon.” 

Tuwing nawawala siya parang, ‘Oh my God, ito pala ‘yung feeling ng nanay ko ‘pag wala pa ako ng dis-oras ng gabi,’” she shared. 

Ru said Nougat wanders off often and comes back after 30 minutes, but there was one time that he did not come home. “Feeling ko kasi, nadi-distract siya,” Ru explained. 

“Pupunta at pupunta siya sa beach,” she added. “Umuuwi siya dito na basang-basa siya at puro siya sand. Nae-enjoy niya na nagbe-beach siya on his own.” 

Ru admits that Nougat’s “independence” also stresses her out sometimes. She tries to take him with her when she does her errands so he doesn’t go wandering off on his own out of boredom.

May time pa na sa sobrang desperate ko na nawawala siya, binilhan ko siya ng AirTag,” Ru said. “Nawala ‘yung AirTag.” 

“I got really scared,” Ru admits. “What if he gets run over? Or what if mag-cause siya ng accident? Or what if may kagatin siya?”

A quick Google search will show you that Siberian Huskies really like “escaping” because they easily get bored and restless. They’re also very curious. “Ganon daw pala talaga sila. They’re escape artists,” Ru said.

To prevent Nougat from escaping, Ru reinforced the fences around their home. She no longer leaves Nougat unsupervised too. “Alam namin na as soon as he gets bored, he will find ways,” she explained.

The Facebook group Siargao Business Classifieds really helped her during the times Nougat would go on his little adventures. Group members would post about Nougat’s whereabouts and even offer real-time updates.

“He taught me patience,” Ru said. “Hindi ko mapabayaan. Kahit inis na inis ako sa kanya kapag nawawala siya, at the end of the day, love ko pa rin siya.” 


Hindi ko ma-imagine ‘yung life ko ngayon without him,” Ru said.

Summit OG followed Nougat in one of his adventures. Check it out here:

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