'Pink Noise' Will Help You Get Better Sleep and Memory

This is why you need more pink in your life.
by Pam Carlota   |  Mar 15, 2017
Image: Pexels.com
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For people who have trouble sleeping at night–because their minds just won't stop working–they often use white noise to block their trail of thought or the noisy neighbors while they sleep. But why block out noise with more noise? According to Popular Science, white noise is sort of a kind of better noise that's consistent. The reason why some noise wakes you up at night, it's not because of the noise itself but the inconsistency of sound. If you're now considering white noise to listen as you sleep, you got to get to know its cousin called pink noise and researchers found that this type of noise is better!

Yas for pink! A new study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience says that listening to pink noise is the easiest way to improve sleep and stronger memories because it's a soothing sound that's a mix of high and low frequencies, which sounds more balanced and natural than white noise. It's no secret that a deep sleep is what you need in order to improve your memory. According to the study, people who listened to pink noise performed three times better on memory tests than they do normally. And on the nights they didn't listen to it, their memory recall didn't improve as much. (via hellogiggles.com)

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So if you have a big test coming up, listen to pink noise to get a deep sleep days before you study for the test. You'll definitely ace it!

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