Yikes, This Girl Broke Up with Her Boyfriend with a Spotify Playlist!

Good thing it all ended well between them.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Apr 28, 2017
Image: Erika Titus | twitter.com/errikkxa
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Looks like making Spotify playlists to express your feelings is a huge thing nowadays, because 19-year-old Kirsten Titus made one to break up with her then boyfriend, 20-year-old Wyatt Hall. Oh no!

But before you all start feeling sorry for the two of them, Kirsten said that they've always had a "goofy and light-hearted relationship." Suddenly, in the middle of everything, they both realized that they're better off as friends, so it was the funniest way she figured out to tell him about her feelings. Kirsten sent Wyatt screencaps of the Spotify playlist via Snapchat, but her younger sister Erika spotted it on their shared account and tweeted the whole thing. Oh no! (via Seventeen.com)

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The whole thing said: "Do you still want to kiss me because I am kinda lovin' someone else, but we can still be friends." Pretty clear, right?

"Initially, I texted my sister and begged her to delete the tweet because I was like, 'Dude, it has our faces in it! Wyatt's gonna kill me!" she told Seventeen

But instead of getting mad at her or her sister, Wyatt replied to the tweet in a sassy way.


"When I first got the playlist, she sent it to me through Snapchat, which was weird, and then I saw the playlist and instantly started laughing," he said in the interview. Phew! Good thing he found it funny, too.

These two are hilarious! Kirsten assured readers that everything's fine between her and Wyatt, and that they're still friends to this day, which is a good thing really. But if there's one thing we want you to know, Candy Girls, is that to always find the best way to break up with the love of your life. It's painful enough as it is, so give them a proper farewell at least.

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