Worldwide Candy Confessions

Ever been wooed by a foreign guy?
  |  Dec 16, 2006
compiled by Angel Constantino
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These guys spill their ligaw styles from across the sea!

Most Lao boys have to bisit the girl's house and introduce themselves to her parents. They have to listen and do as their parents advise. Girls like to use time as a measurement. After a year or more, she will decide whether or not she wants the guy to be her boyfriend.—Toulasai Phanthavong, Lao PDR

When an Indonesian guy likes a girl, he usually calls or texts her often and asks her to go out to eat or watch a movie. There is a term in Indonesia called jadian, which literally means to "become." The boy and the girl will formally become a couple after the boy tells the girl that he likes her and asks her to be his girlfriend.—Anggoro Dewanto, Indonesia

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