Will Your Love Last?

School's over and summer might mean separating. Can your relationship go the distance?by Melissa Williams
  |  Jul 7, 2007
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You're sitting on the sofa with him at Starbucks when his older sister walks in. He introduces you as his girlfriend, and she
is cordial. When she gets up to leave she says, "It was nice meeting you," as if she doesn't expect to see you again.
acts completely surprised: "You didn't tell me you had a girlfriend."
gives you a smile of recognition and says, "I've seen your picture taped to his mirror. Nice to meet you finally."
You hate to break the mood of your last DVD marathon together, but you have to ask how he feels about your imminent separation. Your guy would
say that you'e being a downer, then pop another movie into the DVD player.
tell you sweetly that he'll miss you; he's sure he'll stay in touch.
reassure about your plans for daily e-mails, weekly letters and a midsummer reunion are set in stone.
You borrowed his worn-in-to perfection, blue A/X shirt aeons ago. You call to remind him you have it, in case he wants to take it with him. He
acts completely unconcerned and tells you to consider it on loan for now.
is so glad you reminded him, and asks you to leave it in your mailbox tomorrow, so he can swing by, and grab it on his way out of town.
tells you to keep it and wear it when you get lonely.
You're at Surf World shopping for new board shorts when one of your girls spies a KC Montero look-alike going into the fitting room. What do you do?
Nada—you're too focused on how cool your honey would look in a pair of those Hawaiian-print shorts.
Some subtle rubbernecking—you have to admit, he has a nice body, but your guy has a better build and brains to match.
Go up to him and ask where he bought his superfly T-shirt-and if he thinks it would look good on you.
If he should fall in the arms of another, you'll
get over it. Realistically, being apart is like being single, anyway.
feel completely betrayed—you were thinking about him 24/7. When did he have time to flirt with someone else?
understand his momentary weakness and think about reconciliation as long as his fling wasn't like, a week after you parted.
In the middle of a massive end-of-the-year drawer clean-out, you find the ticket stubs from your first movie date, a disk with all the e-mails he'd ever sent you, and a sweet note that he once stuck in your back pack. You keep
All of it—you may want to show your children someday.
Only the note—that movie was awful, and you can always reuse the disk.
None of it—you have clutter, and besides, evidence like this can be discovered by future a boyfriend and cause all sort of problems.
You try to replay only the good times in your mind, but every now and then, you think about the monster fight you had when he blew you off his basketball buddies. After the argument, you
practically broke up. His boys-before girls attitude really bites.
avoided each other for almost a week. Then, as a peace offering, he got you tickets to see Harry Potter 5.
both ended up laughing about it. You can never stay mad at him very long.
The longest you've been away from him was the week your family went to Cebu for cousin Cheryl's wedding. When you got back,
you called him right after you unpacked, checked your messages, and caught up on the week's events with your best friends.
you didn't even have to pick up the phone—he was waiting for you on your porch, flowers in hand.
you saw him the school the next day and he was acting weird-even though he denied anything was wrong,you definitely got bad vibes.
The moment has come when you have to say goodbye to your boyfriend. How will you make it through summer without his
sexy sideway glances that make your heart race (and your blood boil when he's gazing at someone else's direction)?
generous financial subsidy of your ever- growing CD collection?
cute good-morning texts that go off after your alarm does, and his adorable eyelashes that tickle your face every time you kiss?
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