Why Strong Girls Rule

Here are 6 reasons why guys love the tough girl in you.
by Jason Inocencio   |  Mar 26, 2010
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What is a strong girl?

The term "strong girl" doesn't just mean a girl who can whop us. A strong girl is a confident lady who's got her act together and who uses her brain-someone who won't be easily intimidated by anybody. Guys love taking care of their girls, but we also love it when girls can capably handle themselves and won't take flack from anyone. Here are six reasons why.

Are you a strong girl? We love how you...

  1. Take charge.
    Your barkada wants to go out for a gimmick... but nobody wants to plan it. It's the usual "But if I call, nobody ever shows up." Or, "I'm not sure if the others will listen to me." A girl who's got it together will plan the gimmick herself. She'll call, e-mail, or text the usual suspects without being dyahe, and get them together for a fun night, whether it's for a movie, hanging out in someone's house, or just a simple dinner.
  2. Own the room.
    Nobody likes a person who craves attention, but everybody loves someone who just oozes charisma. There are girls who just belong in the spotlight because of their personality. Don't hate the girl for being bubbly and funny! We actually like that. As long as being in the spotlight isn't what she's all about, it's cool.
  3. Speak your mind.
    Guys are known for being very loud and opinionated. We sometimes have to scream at other guys just to get our point across. Still, we love hearing what you girls think about stuff. Tell us your thoughts and be honest about it. Don't be shy! Of course, we don't appreciate girls who are arrogant or who impose their opinions on everyone else. Yet, by sharing your insights, we get a glimpse into the female mind we are so desperately trying to understand. The bonus? You get a glimpse into the male mind by noting how we react to your opinions. It works both ways.
  4. Go after what you want.
    In the new generation, girls with careers and ambitions are the norm. In fact, a lot of girls get more jobs than guys do. Though there are guys who still see themselves as the family breadwinner, today's reality is that guys and girls work side by side. So if you see a career that you might be interested in or a chance to impress a teacher by going for extra credit, go for it! Guys love girls who make things happen.
  5. Take risks.
    The days of Maria Clara are long behind us. In this day and age, guys aren't the only ones making the first move when it comes to dating. If you think a guy is cute or even fairly interesting, start a conversation with him! It's now perfectly fine for a girl to be the first one to show interest in a guy. We won't think you're too aggressive for doing it, or even that you're too forward. If anything, we'll admire you for having the guts to take such a big risk.
  6. Stay fit.
    Girls who go to gyms aren't just doing it to look good. They also find themselves feeling better since they're keeping their bodies fit and healthy. When you take care of your health, it shows. A girl who works out looks and feels more confident about herself, and any guy can see that confidence shining through from a mile away.
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