Who's Your Ideal Candy Cutie?

Can't decide which cutie you like best? Find your match in Candy Cutie heaven!by Lia Cruz
  |  Sep 8, 2007
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It's prom time! What kind of invite would make you say yes?
Going to your parents first to secure permission to ask you out—and then, asking you with chocolates, flowers, balloons—the works!
Asking you to help him read lines from his latest play—lines that turn out to be in the form of a dialogue with a guy asking a girl to the prom.
A big, paint-smeared banner that he displays in the school gym, asking you to be his prom date.
A self-penned note with a poem (that could also be song lyrics) asking you to the prom—and it would help if he sang it, too.
If someone were to make a movie out of your love story, which Hollywood hottie would play your leading man?
Justin Timberlake.
Daniel Radcliffe.
Zac Efron.
Pete Wentz.
After meeting the 'rents for the first time, your cutie scores points with your dad by:
being the perfect gentleman.
making your dad laugh with his witty jokes.
discussing your dad's favorite NBA basketball team with him.
playing his favorite pieces on the family piano for him.
Your cutie decides to surprise you for your birthday. Which plan would wow you and move you to tears (of joy)?
He throws you a surprise party and invites all your friends and family.
He organizes a harana outside your house—with his friends doing back-up vocals.
He gives you front-row seat tickets to the big game and pins a piece of cloth with your name to his jersey.
He takes you to his band's first gig and dedicates a song to you that he wrote just for the occasion.
Your idea of a perfect date would be:
dinner, a movie, and then, head over to your batch party.
a walk through the park under the moon light.
a game of Ultimate Frisbee!
a rock concert.
You've just had the worst day of your life. You overslept and were late for class, found out you failed a major exam, and accidentally stained your favorite white blouse with black ink. How does your boy cheer you up?
Having a bunch of red roses delivered to your school.
By cracking corny jokes and making you laugh so hard until your sides hurt!
Telling you that he did great in practice today —all because he kept thinking of you.
By serenading you with Coldplay’s “Fix You.”
Let's start at the very beginning: How did you and your dream Candy Cutie meet?
Through a friend —after you got him to introduce you to the cute guy seated next to him!
In a weekend theater workshop—you guys were paired together to work on a scene.
Cheering for your school's basketball team—which he plays for.
At your fave band's gig at your school fair—you were screaming your lungs out and accidentally moshed into him.

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