Which Elective Should You Take With Your Crush?

Make sure you're taking the right elective to lead you closer to that cutie's heart!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 26, 2014
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When you're not busy with school, what do you usually do?

Daydreaming about who and what I'll be like in another universe.

Watching people go about their lives. I find them interesting when they're so caught up in their own little worlds.

Hanging out in a relaxing place where I can enjoy a satisfying meal.

Which movie won't you ever get sick of watching over and over again?

17 Again. Watching Zac Efron stuff his face is just super entertaining, and the love story is cute too.

Stuck In Love. It amazes me how words can hold an entire family together.

The Notebook. The backdrop of the entire movie is just too magical.

When you see your crush in school, what is he usually doing?

Munching on something weird, which he's proud to say he made himself.

Busy conceptualizing the backdrop for the next big school play. He can really be a perfectionist sometimes.

Reading a good book, looking like he doesn't want anyone to bother him.

What's your favorite Candymag.com section?

Lifestyle. I love learning about new things and working on DIY projects.

Features. I love all the feels I get from the articles submitted by the readers.

Fashion. I love looking at pretty things that inspire me to do my own thing.

Your crush shares a link on his wall. What type of story did he just share?

A link to a blog he's been reading for months now.

A link to his latest photo on Instagram, which looks awesome.

A link to one of the best episodes of Iron Chef.


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