Where Will You Meet Your Boyfriend?

Map your way into your future boyfriend's heart!by: Chinggay Labrador
  |  Aug 4, 2007
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What websites do you have bookmarked on your computer?
Multiply. It's fun checking out your friends' (and your friends’ friends') new photo updates—every weekend brings in something new.
Your blog. Journaling is therapeutic and you love reading the comments.
MySpace. It's a great way to discover new indie bands that don't get any airplay.
It's been years since your first crush, but you remember him most for his...
Super-sharp dance moves a la Justin, circa Bye Bye Bye.
Über-professional handling of the Marriage Booth in his school fair.
Hilarious rendition of the Lizzie McGuire theme song (he did it to tease you).
It's time to put your school bag out of commission—you've been toting it to class for more years than you can remember. What kind of bag are you looking to buy next?
A gigantic black leather bag, so you can continue channeling Mary Kate Olsen even when you're in your school uniform.
A cute, limited edition Jansport backpack.
A hip Team Manila tote.
Which of Hollywood's It boys do you like best?
Justin Timberlake.
Shia LeBeouf.
Pete Wentz.
Which of these A-listers has the kind of style you'd love to emulate?
Lindsay Lohan. She may spell trouble, but girl knows how to rock an outfit!
Anne Hathaway. Always so classic and beautiful!
Ashlee Simpson. A little rock and roll mixed with some free-spirited glam.
Your family's going out for dinner Sunday night and you get to pick where to go. What are you craving for?
Sushi. Raw fish rocks!
Hearty Italian pasta and pizza that everyone can share.
Good old grilled, Filipino comfort food. You love yourself some pika pika!
You're thinking of squeezing in some exercise in your schedule. What are you into?
Cheerleading. Dancing takes the work out of your workout.
Basketball varsity. It's a great way to get your heart pumping while dishing out school spirit.
Jogging. It lets you zone out and focus on your thoughts and your music.
You get to switch clubs next quarter. What activity are you planning on joining?
Rifle squad. Hardcore moves and precision sequences? What's not to like!
Debate. Interschool meets are a great way to bond with like-minded (and not so like-minded) schoolmates.
Drama club. Backstage production is your thing.
What's your favorite pantulog outfit?
A pretty nightie you bought at a bazaar.
The comfy pair of flannel jammies you've had since forever.
The shirt you snagged at the Christina Aguilera concert.
Your barkada's spending Saturday at the mall. What's your first stop?
Topshop. Got to get that outfit you need for clubbing tonight!
Starbucks. You need to meet classmates for a last-minute project.
The music store. Time to pick up the new Fallout Boy.

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