When Trying to be Cute Backfires on You

Check out these 12 embarrassing moments!
  |  Jan 29, 2012
compiled by Bea Beluan; illustration by Nicole Lim
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To the Ex-Scream

My class went to EK with our young, beautiful professor and her friends. I wanted to spend time with her, so even if I was afraid of heights, I lined up for the Space Shuttle ride. We sat behind our teacher, and as soon as the ride started, I couldn’t stop screaming. After the ride, she pointed to me, saying, “Grabe ka sumigaw. Nakakabingi!” Eep. —Forrest, 17

Bounce with Me

I went to my classmate’s house to watch a basketball game. After the game, she introduced me to the players, and I was attracted to this guy who had been eyeing me constantly. He approached me and asked if I knew how to play basketball. I confidently said yes because I got a high grade in my PE class.

When he gave me the ball, I started dribbling it. Because I was checking him out from time to time, I unconsciously dribbled it too high and the ball ended up hitting my chin. Everyone laugh at me! —Nicole, 16


Divide and Conquer

I pulled on a pair of super tight jeans for a date with my crush. While walking in the mall, I accidentally dropped my handkerchief. As I bent down to get it, I heard a ripping sound and felt my pants split in two! I had to cover my behind with my bag. My crush was laughing the entire time! —Pia, 18

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