When the Question "Bakit Wala Ka Pang BF" Gets to You, Read This!

Here's why you shouldn't feel insecure when you're the last to stay single.
by Pam Carlota   |  Sep 22, 2017
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We should always remember that love is not a race. You shouldn't be rushing and you do not deserve the pressure to be in a relationship. Because this causes more harm, more hurt than you'll ever prepare for.

Just hover over the title and click to read stories of realizations and experiences from Candy Girls like you. And know why you shouldn't be insecure when you're the last one in your barkada to stay single. 

  1. A Letter from Your Future Love

"Do not settle for half-baked devotion from someone else because you deserve so much more."

  1. Why It's Important to Love Yourself

"Why, out of all the people in the world, should you fall in love with who you are first? Why?"

  1. To the Girl No One Ever Had a Crush on

"Don't let any silly boy's opinion change how beautiful you are and how much of a person you are worth."

  1. To the Only Girl in Her Barkada Who Doesn't Have a Boyfriend

"Just because your girl friends have love lives does not mean that they're leaving you or that they won't spend time with you anymore."

  1. A Love Letter for No One—Yet

"You are real and you are my proof to the universe that God, in His perfect timing, truly provides the perfect prince to His faithful princess."

  1. The Joy of Waiting for a Love Worth Finding

"As the saying goes, it's fulfilling to love a person you have prayed for."

  1. Maybe Love Is taking the Long Road

"I once thought: gloomy is a heart waiting for its love. But now, I can say that the idea of love arriving on time for the right people, is exhilarating."

  1. There Is No Deadline in Love

"Don't find love. Let it find you. "

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