What Will You Never Understand About Guys?

  |  Feb 4, 2014
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Marla Miniano, Editor In Chief Why they think WE have too many pairs of shoes. Have they SEEN their sneaker collections?
Steph Yapnayon, Art Director  How they can eat a two burgers at once! :O
Kaye Robles, Editorial Assistant I'll never understand how guys can look 83% more attractive when they roll their sleeves up to their elbows. It's like a law of the universe or something.
Macy Alcaraz, Web Managing Editor  Why they won't let just anybody touch their hair. It's just hair!
Erin Torrejon, Web Fashion and Beauty Assistant I'll never understand why boys don't like wedges. They're cute and don't murder girls' feet like stilettos do. What's not to like?
Ayessa De La Pena, Web Editorial Assistant I will never understand why guys think it's okay to be friends after a breakup. It's so awkward!

What don't you understand about dudes?

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