What Movies or Books Left Out About Having a Boyfriend

This is the other side of relationships that you don't see on screens.
by Pam Carlota   |  Sep 18, 2017
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For girls who have been single all their lives, we tend to turn to romance movies or books to know what it's like to be in a relationship. After all, these are the only references we have access to where we base our ideal romance from. But what most of us forget or don't seem to realize is that these romance stories are fiction—it's all made up!

So you'd know what to expect, here's a rundown of what girls in actual relationships realized the first time they got a boyfriend.

  1. You share your decisions with them.

Especially the ones that would affect your relationship. If this is your first time being in a relationship, this might be a big shock for you. All your life, you've probably made all your decisions on your own. Since you're now in a relationship, every big decision doesn't just affect you. It affects your partner as well.

  1. You gain an instant best friend.

There will be a reason why your besties might get a bit jealous. Not only will you spend most of your time with bae, you also tell them about everything first. They will be your constant companion to every major event in your life.

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  1. You get to know yourself better.

All your good and unique qualities will finally sink in with you, after all, these are the things your BF loves about you. You will finally face the fact that someone can love you for you. But be careful! With this, you'll also get acquainted with your faults that you might want to change or adjust.

  1. You'll aspire for a bigger dream.

Because you're dreaming not only for yourself, you'll actually look forward to a dream that has him in it. And it will be bigger since that is what the person you love deserves.

  1. Your world will not stop.

Just because you're in love doesn't mean you'll forever be in La La Land. Your world will still have the same problems, stresses, and will continue to be fast-paced. The only difference is now you have someone to hold your hand and has your back at all the times.

  1. You might get bankrupt. 

Because nowadays, guys aren't the only ones who finance the dates. And because of how much you love the person, you're willing to spend for him. Relationships can get costly especially when it comes to gift giving. Be sure to have a spending budget and save some for emergencies.

  1. Guys can cry, too.

When we see a guy crying, we always think that it's because they're weak. But once you get into a relationship and you see him cry, this could be a special moment shared between the two of you. It's the time your loved one got vulnerable with you, and it's no sign of weakness—only sincerity.


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