What's Really On His Mind When He...

Are you one of those girls who can't seem to overanalyze whenever he does something, no matter how simple it is? We break it down for you.
by Ingrid Borja   |  Oct 9, 2013
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Girls out there who are just too curious to know what's running through your crush's mind, this article is dedicated to you!

I get it, if given a chance for us girls to peek into some guys' minds, we will definitely grab the opportunity, but obviously we can't. So I made it easier for you girls to know what is running through their minds in these particular sitches.

  1. He adds you up on Facebook after a common friend introduced you to each other.
    What's on his mind? For him this would be the foundation of all. Being Facebook friends will definitely help him know what's going on with you, and of course this will serve as a communication to the both of you.
  2. He liked your #selfie post on Instagram.
    What's on his mind? Well definitely, he finds that picture of yours cute, beautiful, attractive, what else? Oh and another thing, that is also his way of catching your attention.
  3. He always compliments your look even if you think you totes look haggard!
    What's on his mind?  He wants you to know how beautiful you are in his eyes. Don't doubt it though, because your real beauty can still be seen through that tired exterior.
  4. There's no day that he won't message you a "good morning" or a "good night."
    What's on his mind? He thinks of you every time! From the time he checks out his phone in the morning to the time he closes his eyes at night.
  5. He likes you but he doesn't want to tell you. Instead, he told your friend about his feelings for you.
    What's on his mind? Don't get them wrong. There's a reason behind this. It's all because some of them are torpe. They are too shy to express and tell their feelings because they might be rejected.
  6. He confessed his feelings for you not in a serious way (ex. I need to tell you something... I like you hehe joke :))
    What's on his mind? Don't doubt about their feelings for you just because of the way he said it. It's just that he doesn't want you to feel shy or awkward when you are together or when he's around. But come on, he's giving you a hint!
  7. He offers to help you with your assignment, project, etc. even though he seriously doesn't have any idea on how to do it.
    What's on his mind? He definitely likes you. He wouldn't mind how hard your project is. If the only way to get close to you is to help you out, he will do it. Anything for the girl she likes.
  8. He asks you to go with him to grab some milk tea.
    What's on his mind? For us girls we think that this is just a friendly hangout. But for them, they consider it a date. Another thing is, they will take this opportunity to know more about you. Chances are, this could be the start of something new.
  9. When you compliment him with his new hairstyle or outfit.
    What's on his mind? Kilig vibes taking over his mind and body! (But of course he won't be too obvious!)
  10. When he holds your hand in public.
    What's on his mind? He's proud to have you and he wouldn't mind telling the world that he is.

There you have it girls! *wink ;)

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