What Really Happens After a Breakup

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Aug 5, 2016
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If there's a song that perfectly describes what happens after a breakup, it's Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez's "We Don't Talk Anymore." And when the music video came out, we just knew it was the perfect thing that could give anyone an idea on how couples act after they call it quits. Hit the play button below to watch it.

If you're clueless about breakups (or being ghosted, maybe?)—lucky you!—Charlie's newest music video nails the whole thing. As we all know, to say that breakups are hard is an understatement. You both try your best to get back to what you usually do, like eating at your fave restaurant, talking to someone via iMessage and FaceTime, or walking around the mall. But this time, you just don't have the company of each other.

Because we know that it's just difficult to deal with cutting of a really important person in your life, we have a ton of articles to help you. Click on the situation that suits you below.

  1. For your college breakup. Juggling your breakup with your college responsibilities and more, so here's something that might help you cope.

  2. For when you finally decide to date someone again. Getting into the dating scene again after a while wouldn't be easy, but maybe you also have to figure when it's the right time to get into a relationship again.

  3. For when you badly need closure. Sadly, not all people get the closure they need after a breakup. Sometimes, you're just left with a lot of questions about why things have to happen.

  4. For those times when moving on really gets hard. Yup, even after you feel okay, you'll still have moments when you'll feel bad.

  5. For your non-breakup breakup. Because not all breakups happen between official relationships, we put together this playlist to keep you company.

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