What Makes The Perfect Prince Charming?

by Gen Tiu   |  Jul 12, 2010
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In Shrek there’s a line that goes, “Every princess wants to live happily ever after.”

I’m willing to bet that line applies to every other girl out there—including you and me. Prince Charming (the perfect guy formed and given intricate detail by the magic of imagination) has always been part of a little girl’s fantasies. 

But welcome to reality, baby! As we grow up, we come face to face with the fact that Prince Charming as we define him does not exist, and our search for such a man may be in vain. The perfect guy, ironically, can never be perfect. In fact, he can have many irritating habits and flaws. Bottom line: no matter who that “perfect guy” is, it is best to stick with reality when trying to figure him out and not the fantasy we had when we were eight years old.

It’s smarter to consider a guy because he is worth it on the inside and not just because he can pass for Robert Pattinson sans the dreamy British accent or Taylor Lautner with washboard abs. (If he is both, then you’ve got yourself a winner.) In any case, character is where it’s at in singling out the guy of your dreams. Check out what makes him tick. Is he smart, hardworking, considerate, loving, generous, and patient? Is he good enough for you in the long run or will he ditch you for a good game on ESPN? It may seem like a lot of work, but it’s better to be picky now than to get stuck with an insufferable loser later on. 


But how can you tell? The best and possibly most accurate place to look is right at home—or even in one of those weekly get-togethers with your grandparents. Whom do you lay your radar on? Why, the men you grew up with! Your ever-reliable daddy, your NBA-addicted brother, your golf-obsessed uncle or even your nerdy older cousin. These men (and boys) have helped mold you into the girl you are now. Each of them has certain qualities that you may have once looked up to or may even unconsciously admire today!

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