What Ghosting Means According to the Chanels from Scream Queens

No, it's not about poop, Chanel. *rolling eyes emoji*
by Macy Alcaraz   |  Sep 19, 2016
Image: FOX/ETC
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We all know what ghosting means, right? It's when the dude or girl you like just disappears without reason—stops replying to your messages, refuses to answer your calls, leaves without a trace. But not according to the people from Scream Queens. Hit the play button as Chanel Oberlin discuss what "ghosting" means with Dean/Doctor Munsch, Zayday, and the Chanels in this new teaser from the season premiere. (via TV Line)

Chanel #5 pretty much got it, right? Also, gross, Chanel! That's definitely not what ghosting means. Haha! Catch Scream Queens when it premieres this Wednesday on etc at 4pm, with an encore at 9pm.

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